Willie Hutch – I Choose You Lyrics

I, ooh I choose you baby

I choose you baby

And I’ll tell you why

You where there

When no one else

Would be in my corner

Girl and it’s you that I’ve learned to love

And place no one above

Oh, how can I ever thank you

Except take you home and make you my lovin’ wife

So we can always be together

Oh ain’t that nice

Oh I choose you baby (x2)

Girl no longer do I

Have to shop around anymore no- no- no- no

I’ve found that once in a lifetime

Girl that I’ve been searching for

My baby you’re alright

How can I convince you girl that you’re truly out of sight

You’re the kind of woman that any man would be proud to know

Kind of woman that’ll have a man bragging anywhere he goes

Oh I choose you baby (x2)

‘Cuz your sugar

Oh your spice

Woman love, your every thing nice

Oh my goodness

Oh I feel real bright

Oh I choose you baby (x3)