Venny Outrageous – Ass Cheeks On My White Tee Lyrics


I got ass cheeks on my white tee

All these hoes keep gridin’ on me

Coming in the club every night of the week

Keep a nigga poppin’ them chrispy white tees


La La La, La La La, La La La, La La La, La La La, La La La, La La La,

La La La La La La

Verse 1

(Southern Smoke)

Its your boy

Venny O

Mr. Outrageous

The kush is blazin’

These bitches is racin’

Cuz a nigga is famous

She asked for a dance I said baby get naked

Now she got me up against the wall

Ass pressed tight against my balls

She’s feeling on me

And i’m feeling on her

Look down I got ass cheeks on my shirt


Verse 2

(Sourthern Smoke)

Next day(Its your boy)

Right back

Fresh from the spot got a brand new pack

Fresh from the trap got a brand new sack

White tees on deck just pop the tag

No way shit could happen twice

Caught me a chick looking oh so nice

Started out with one dance

Ended up with ten

Looked down when she was done bitch got me again