Twiddle – Daydream Farmer Lyrics

I like it when the sun shines as I’m stepping out to start my waking day

I hear the bacon sizzling smells that throw me back into my memory

I tend to daydream constantly cause reality is far to dull for me

It seems that all the caring giving loving and livin could work against the grain


Can’t stop the sky from falling down

It’s the energy inside of me floating about

Live to love and let go while we’re still around

Keep our earth in your soul and your sole to the ground

I’d like to think that all my life I’ve been in sync with my ability’s

It goes to show no matter how you look at life you learn from it’s heartache

It seems compassion could be the best reaction if we only spoke one language and screamed out love and peace

This place is screaming while we all just keep ignoring all the signs that we’ve been given to change are ugly ways


I shut my eyes to try and stop the chaos building deep within my brain

I crave creation to find my satisfaction all the while overreacting to my inability

One mind can hinder all the love we have left over filled with negative injustice burning hate into our names

My own solution is to block out the pollution trust my instinct as a human just sit back relax and dream