Tiger Lillies – Same Old Story Lyrics

Born in a slum in Rome

Born in filth and rags

You climb the weary road of youth

Alone and often sad

You climb the hills your feet get sore

And then your heart goes numb

And as you reach your teenage years

A whore you do become

And as I see you

My eyes fill with tears

It’s the same old story

It’s been going on for years

Well now all around you men do fall

But you know don’t you know

That you’re just lust’s pawn

The poverty you felt in youth

Well it still plays a part

The poverty once in your purse

Well now it’s in your heart

And when I see you Â…

So now the money starts to flow

Well how sweet for a short time

But then the sweetness does turn sour

It’s another weary time

And when I see you Â…