Thumbelina Soundtrack – On The Road Lyrics

(Mrs Toad)The scrubbings and the washings

And the noses with the drippings

And the soapas always boiling…

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Si, Si

(Mrs Toad) The panes and windows falling

With the diaper changing

With the roof she’s leaking

And the enchiladas spoiling

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Oooh…

(Mrs Toad) Do you know how to do these things

Like you will have to do these things

Or does the very thought of it make you wince

(Thumbelina, Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Uhh…

(Mrs Toad) I thought so

Then, don’t marry the prince

(Thumbelina) Oh dear

(Mrs Toad) You see, hey? You become a big a-star like me.

We make big moneys together. You make Mama rich.

You are important person. You are famous. You are a star!

(Thumbelina) A star? Well, I suppose…

(Mrs Toad) Now, repeat after me…

We are the singers de Espana, the original cast

And there hasn’t been a town we haven’t played

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) We are the singers de Espana and we sing very fast

(Mozo) We get on

(Grundel) We get off

(Gringo) We get paid

(Mrs Toad) Sing!

(Thumbelina) Could you say that a little slower?

(Mrs Toad) Slower? We don’t do ballads.

(Thumbelina) Oh, maybe I could take notes.

(Mrs Toad) We are free and independent, we go everywhere

And we gotcha gotcha gochee all the way

We’re gonna teach you how to samba and to ramba y la bamba

and every number Thumbelina, say ole!

(Mrs Toad, Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Come on the road, my little castanet

Come on the road, and famous you will get

(Mrs Toad) I’ll make you star, get you small guitar

(Mrs Toad, Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) You’ll be hot muchacha once I gotcha

(Mrs Toad) On the road

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Thumbelinacita! No one could be sweet-a!

Sing with Mamacita! We go on the road, Huah!

(Mrs Toad) Ay, yi yi yi yi! Ay, que pero bien bailan mis ranitos la conga!

Now we sing

We open Monday in Medina then we do Babylon

Then we hop to Barcelona for a week

Then for a month in Athens at the Parthenon

Where they love us ’cause we do the show in Greek

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) We are the finest in the business, it’s a well known fact

And you’ll forgive us if we have to blow the horn

(Mrs Toad) Because this isn’t any ordinary animal act

And today a star is born!

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Go on the road, you’ll hear the peoples roar

You’re not a toad

(Mrs Toad) But that’s what make-up’s for

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Just sing on pitch, we get very rich

Wait until they see the Thumbelina

(Mrs Toad) On the road

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Singing Thumbelina, dancing Thumbelina, something Thumbelina

(Mrs Toad) Now I make her sing

(Thumbelina) AAaaaaahhhhhhh!

(Mrs Toad) Bueno, muy bueno, you got it!

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Come on the road, we make you big success

Come on the road

(Mrs Toad) You’re in the union, yes?

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) The life, she’s sweet

(Mrs Toad) Si!

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) Lots of flies to eat

(Mrs Toad) Yum yum!

(Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) So why be little fish in little pond

When you can go so far beyond

(Mrs Toad) I think perhaps we make you blonde

(Mrs Toad, Mozo, Gringo, Grundel) When we get on the road

(Thumbelina) On the road

(All) Let’s hit the road! Ole!