Strona D – I Gotcha Man Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]

I, I gotcha man.

I, I gotcha man.

All I really wanted was that cash in advance.

[Verse 1:]

I gotcha man, that’s all I gotta say.

Erbody knew yous a hoe anyway.

Bi-bitch recognize I got these thick thighs

And this pretty pussy that ya old man prides.

You-you the 6th man, I never ride the bench.

I’m the 1st round draft, you the 2nd round pick.

Ya man chose me, ya girl Strona D.

4 tips, brown eyes, and a gold pink teeth

Bi-bitch you can buck, I don’t give a fuck

Open up the trunk, cl-click, oh what’s up

And I ain’t from the A, Palm Beach where I stay

But these hands can make ya ass lean and rock any day.

Cause I do it with no hands (ay), I do it with no feet (ay),

I do it with that 4-5 to put ya ass to sleep (ay).

But man real good, he do it with his hands

Everytime he hands me that cash in advance.

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2:]

Bi-bitch, don’t get mad, ya better be glad,

Cause this the best piece of pussy that ya man ever had.

He went crazy for the twat he said my shit fat.

I gave him a warning that I got that holla back.

Hoe you ain’t no competition, bitch you better listen

Try to come cross, dumb hoe you’ll be missin.

I’m too too sweet, from my neck to my feet.

Lick me up and down, in the middle there’s a treat.

And I ain’t no hoe, I don’t go low.

I don’t need to cause my clit like a throat.

Type of grip on that dick, that’s a power pussy

Slow wind on that shit til his eyes get gushy.

Let him get on his knees and li-lick that pussy

I gotcha man stupid bitch, stop cryin you wussy.

You already had ya chance to keep ya man

Now everyday he givin me that cash in advance.

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3:]

Yea ya man got taste, he seen this pretty face

And ever since then you had to be replaced.

I went shoppin in Cali, in South Beach Miami

Took a ride to Palm Beach, blowin kush in the Caddy.

I told him thanks for the gifts, and gave him a kiss

I swear he fell in love when his cheeks felt my lips.

That’s what I call game, I ain’t the one to blame.

I had him in the crib giv-givin me some brain.

Now ya mad and wanna fight, we can do this shit tonight

I don’t fight clean so ya better bring ya wipes.

And when I’m done with ya ass you can gon call ya crew

Cause my dogs deep and they will do you.

So don’t think it’s a game, cause bitch I ain’t playin.

I took ya man once, and I can take him again.

Yea ya man feel good, he took me by the hand

And said, baby here go yo cash in advance.

[Chorus x2: to end]