Stomper – Easy Come, Easy Go Lyrics

Shit… I already told your ass!

You know, what I mean?

Think I’m fuckin with chu

Yayaya I know I’m sorry this and that

And all that.

I ain’t sweating it you know what I mean…


Do your thing girl and I’m a do mine hahaha}

Wassup lil bitch I know you want me back I see you starin at my pictures

Of ma old hoodratz and I laugh bet chu never knew I had it like that

Kickin back with the top notch bitch on my lap,

It was funny the way you like to play your little games but this stomps is a g

So you can save it for those lames

I don’t trip over you bitch that’s why you did what you did

But you could neva play the playa cause those tricks are for kids.

I tried to be a good vato to a hyna like you

But you could neva keep the truth that’s why I gave you the boot

Now tell me why actin shallow when I was spittin my game

Look into my eyes and told me lies now the shit ain’t the same

I showed respect and neva left you when the homies would call

And when the hoodratz tryed to call disconnected them all

But now your trippin on the things the haterz say about me

They said I was’nt your time and I was tryin to creep

So you started acting strange and playin you stupid ass games

Said I wasn’t worth your trouble and that I would neva change

But I still gave you the keys to my heart and my soul

But you would lie about the mutha fucken places you’d go

And so I try to let you know how I was feeling about you

I kept it true and neva tripped on the things you’d do.

But then it clicked up in my head that you were up to no good.

Cause I would hear about the places you were seen in the hood

And when I hit you up about the places you’ve been

You try and hide the truth instead of bieng honest with me

That’s when I had bout enough of the drama and snapped

You wanna play me like a fool that’s why yo ass got slapped and

Now you’r on own girl that’s how I handle my shit

Now you wish you were back home so I can give you this dick

It’s all a joke now baby

Cause I’m out on the proud I got hynas on my dick from every state and every town

And now I got it goin on with this gangsta rap

And you’r still playin you’r games running around like a tramp

You wanna come back home to me cause you neva had it so good

But it’s to late now girl cause I’m back in the hood

I’m getting paid getting laid and I don’t ever trip

I’m taking trips state to state and I got money to flip

You try and dis baby now you miss dis maybe

You should try and keep it real instead of acting so shady!

Shady ass bitch ahaha

You know it was a trip

Me and you use to have em talks

You know I tell you how I was and how I felt about you

And you know you were telling me how you were gonna change

You know that you wanted to settle down

You found a good one woopty woop

Haha you knwo it sounds good girl what happened? you know what I mean… shit

Haha wow that’s the way things go you know what I mean

Easy come easy go you know what I mean

Out with the old in with the motherfucken new

And that’s the way I live bitch

I ain’t gotta sweat you just about to forget chu

Wow it’s about time I let chu go girl