Shaggs – My Pal Foot Foot Lyrics

My pal’s name is Foot Foot (Foot Foot)

He always likes to roam

My pal’s name is Foot Foot (Foot Foot)

I never find him home

I go to his house

Knock at his door

People come out and say

Foot Foot don’t live here no more

My pal Foot Foot (Foot Foot)

Always likes to roam

My pal Foot Foot (Foot Foot)

Now he has no home

Where will Foot Foot go

What will Foot Foot do

Oh, Foot Foot

I wish I could find you

I’ve looked here, I’ve looked there

I’ve looked everywhere

Oh, Foot Foot

Why can’t I find you?

Foot Foot, where can you be?

Foot Foot, why won’t you answer me?

Foot Foot, Oh Foot Foot

Wherever you are

I want you to come home with me

I don’t have time to roam

I have things to do

I have to go home

Oh, Foot Foot, where are you?

If Foot Foot didn’t like to roam so well

He would still have a place to dwell

Foot Foot, please answer me

I know where you are

You’re behind that tree

Foot Foot, please come to me

Foot Foot, now that you’re here

Won’t you come home

Foot Foot, promise me this

That you will never again roam