Secret Band – Delete The Believer Lyrics

Insistent bitch, you burst my ear drums close range, your version of the past is most strange

Extortion through a biological defect, an irritating reason to sleep with fake breasts

A lot of things get themselves elevated, review my pictures and plans, pretendin I am not jaded

If you do then I could plummet myself nude, covered in red, orange, yellow and j00 blue

One thick splinter in the spoke, the carousel, the ropes gone withered coat my throat in shrapnel

Most my winners know the throne’s a stairwell

You keep your mouth shut when the evidence piles up

Two thin shards, on the hood, the ferris wheel, hard fought fight, now you face the scalpel, lost my demons when I tossed the capsule

Nip it in the tuck, so the image gets fake enough

Plastic wrap my sandwich stat cause I’m the meanest obesesist, the fattest gas of classic bass,

I solidify It’s cohesive

You were ill equipped to pillage it, and delete the believer, but east the locust swift, and local fists, will pummel the fever

Collect in caution, for the mind will erase the passion of the moment, back in toward, road you walk upon will crumble in on it

I knew the best kept line was still waitin in my brain, before the present dies, I pluck the thought out like a crane.

Can I subscribe to that? Yes you can

I’m hearing the shape of the whisper that you cannot see, and can never take back

You cannot see, and can never take back.

Inside I approgate dip, tashobulections, flip, it’s so guhdayo, my nohse sun dahbayshun shrimp

Inside I approgate dip, wection frip, it’s sobuhdayo, the gose tun the bae dun swip

If I can operate the mind then can I separate the soul

Then the clock just split

I knew the time was all mine to do what I want with

I don’t gotta be a hero, do those even in exist, with only blood pumpin through your fist

And all this time it was a slippery slope

Used the wrong antidote to cope, thought my hope couldn’t float, but the fault was mine, put perspective inline, cursed the day when my thoughts turned against me

The mind is trap, push the thought away, assumption enslaves, my brain decays