Salbakuta – S2pid Love (english Translation) Lyrics

i’m in love with you

i thought your love was true

but it wasn’t long until you showed your true colours

your eyebrows held so high and deceiving

but it was only my money you after

a personality of a sphinx such a sting

if you embarass me, it just shrink

girlie biddy bye bye don’t tell a lie

why are you always denying me?

all the goods I’ve done with no recognition

you love the election but i gave you no attention

‘yo anyway everyday different guys you text

and then one time having sex

i’d rather be crusified

instead of facing me stupify

so don’t be mad so don’t be sad

everything bad about you will be revealed


(STUPID) Love, soft as an easy chair

(STUPID) Love, fresh as the morning air

(STUPID) Love, that is shared by two

(STUPIDO) Love, I found in you


my life changed when i met you

every hour every minute i wanted to see you

i wouldn’t eat just to talk with you on the phone

between you and me until the break of dawn

no one else come close a promise between us

the moment you said you wanted to go back to him

you told me that you still love him

what else can i do? but let you go

cursed by this pain

but why can’t i forget girls like you

i love someone else until i fail

i’m a prisoner for love i have for you

looking in the mirror, i only see the past

it hurts and becomes (what) a hole

though, everything i want to tell has changed, dear

i love you sincerely yours Bendeatha



where will we end up after this

i loved you but you f*cked me over

and it took so long time to recover

for what you did i’m still hung over

do you remember what we use to be?

following me where ever i may go

i served you from head to toe

i even washed your bra and panties

asking me if you’ve done something wrong

ok, alright, you’re right like always

all your orders, i never disobeyed

i listen to you more than my own mother

i gave you everything you wanted

ordering me like dog

you deny me when you’re talking to someone else

to just a hot guy, you’ve given in already

damn how stupid this heart is

why did you do this to me

you fought with me and left

and with someone else you played with fire

my entire heart broke in half

Nasty Mack’s heart broken into pieces

i’ll admit i use to love you then

but now i take it back