Phora – The Cold Lyrics

My lil’ homie caught a case, he fighting life dawg

Couldn’t tell you if it’s wrong, if it’s right

But angels ain’t around here at night dawg

So all we got is devils in our sight

But me, I went from a felon to your favorite rapper

See, I’m from a place where niggas just don’t make it out of

See, I’m from a place where if you doing good

Then they’re more likely to kill you

Cause the money what they chasing after

Had a friend lose his life over a twenty set

With seven shots to his abdomen, ain’t no coming back

See, I used to run the streets with ’em sipping on forties

But ever since they took his life, I’ve been done with that

Now I ain’t too proud of my past, but I did what I did

Where I’m from, you either getting shot or giving the bid

Really nigga, we just trying to live

But why it seem like cops getting promoted for killing a kid?

It’s like god works against us

Why I feel like cops don’t protect us?

All this anger in my heart

Too young to understand the real reason why my pops really left us

The judge gave him seven years hoping his cell turns to a grave

Just another minority in a cage

And I know this shit probably won’t ever change

But I won’t sit around like it’s okay

I’ve been looking for a way nigga

I’ve been looking for a way

Does god even hear me pray nigga?

Don’t tell me it’s gon’ be okay

Did god even hear me pray when I spoke to him?

Does god even feel my pain when I go through it

And do you know what it feels like to put a gun to your head

But ain’t nobody saying, “Don’t do it”

I hit the bottom, but I got back on my feet nigga

I wanted peace, I ain’t plan on packing a piece nigga

It gets deep, these people want to be street

But there’s a difference between being a real nigga and a street nigga

Pray the lord forgive me for my sins

Knowing that I’d do it all again

Me, I’ll never break, I’ll never bend, depression coming in

But I think its funny how they judge me

Not knowing ’bout my pain or where I’ve been

I’m losing all my friends, I don’t want to end up here again

I feel like this cycle never ends, it never really ends

I just got a call

My lil homie lost his life and all I’m thinking is revenge

Sipping Henny and taking shots till I can’t feel

I mean I still feel the pressure, but I just can’t feel

Can’t believe what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing man

I’m staring at the new like “Homie this shit just ain’t real”

I been losing my faith, my friends fading away

And even though I’m not too sure he knows that I exist

I just pray the lord forgive me for my sins