Mike Epps – Big Girls Lyrics

I like big girls I can not lie if you need a man baby I’m that guy up in the club v.I.p big girls every where and they loving me yea I want a sandwich I’ll take two put it in the kitchen they know what it do lobster, chicken, biscuts put it in the oven pizza, koolaid damn I love it big girls big jobs big calories big girls don’t care about calories big girls don’t care who looking all they want to know is damn who cooking you cooking he cooking we cooking she cooking he cooking she cooking come on we turn it out Chorus were the big girls at where the big girlsx4 I love big girls she turn me on just last night I was sitting at home watching t.v I was all alone lil star jones she done flipped her bed lost he wait lost her gig every niqqa need a big girl off the show monique and some wings and I’m good to go fried how you want it baked how you need can’t live with out a big girl love all ya’ll like a hot butter stick my momma a big girl my grandma a big girl my sister a big girl my girls are big girls the world a big