Merry Wives Of Windsor – Mad Jenny Lyrics

It’s no other but Mad Jenny, with her fist raised to the sky

On moonless nights she walks the strand to curse the ships she spies

She mutters low so no one hears, and the winds begin to moan

And sure’n the clouds’ll cover the stars, the storm starts in to blow.

Oh the waves they can be wicked when Mad Jenny’s on a tear

You can hear the sailors bellow as they bring their ships to bear

And the widows light a candle and kneel down beside their bed

For Jenny’s on the strand tonight; tomorrow we’ll count the dead.

Once she was a beauty and was courted all around

But her heart set on a sailor whose ship was outward bound

And he was gone not seven days when word came from abroad

Her sailor had deceived her, his love had proved a fraud

Jenny’s face grew dark as death, her eyes they flashed with fire

With venom on her lips she cursed the life of every sailor

And woe to them who sail too close when Jenny’s been about

It’s dashed upon the rocks they’ll be before the night is out.

The townsfolk tried to hang her, but the priest begged her reprieve

And no one could quite prove it, though everyone believes

She does the devil’s business on the night the storms do blow

And she it is that wrecks the ships and lays the sailors low.

Now sailors are a sorry lot, what little care have they

They steer their coursers ’round the world astride the salty spray

They take a girl in every port, little caring how it ends

But there’ll be another story, when Mad Jenny takes revenge.