Logic – The Dream Lyrics

Uh uh uh, yeah, V’s up mafucker what it is

Visionary we’re takin over the whole biz

All over your city like we in the blow biz

Never go hollywood even though we in show biz

Baby girl, I just wanna give it to you like you never

had it

When it comes to music I’m an addict

And killa, ain’t anotha illa for relida that’s where

the dilla

Rest in peace the best were beats

And I thought I’d bring da heat like five oh

Puttin records right when I’m in cabo

Logic got more verses than the bible

I’m liable to murder anybody that pretend to be a


There’s no better than us, the second we bust they

guts, you’ll trust but we get it in

Cutting records like I give a damn, you can kill me but

my music it will live again

Ratt pack, six months on a track

Remedy on a visual, so you know it’s a rap

I’m murder, bringing shit that you ain’t never heard of

I’m goin in raw no contraception, red dead redemption,

no need to mention

I’m a, murder to beat, homie word on the street, you a


I plan to get rich cause my mix tape sound like an

album, your mix tape sound like shit

I don’t give a damn, I am not cocky, I am balboa even

when the road is rocky

Chillin “al moco”, ya you know I gotta go, west deer

park where I started ten years ago

Every time I see a hata they wanna get physical, why?

cause when a girl see me we get physical

When I cuss a woman, I’m a mac you’re a dell, pick up

the mic and I shall prevail


When the tide is high and the lights are low, you feel

like there’s no where to go

And when the stars align and the sky explodes, I’ll be

there, of this I know