Logic – Can I Love Lyrics

I wrote a bunch of letters but, I thought it made me

look like a fool so I never mailed any of them out

I just wanna talk to you girl, mama you know a… I

just got something I wanna say…

Baby do you remember

Warm summers and cold winters

Songs by soul singers the feeling it still lingers

Elevated by my kiss as you melted between my fingers

Baby girl, sometimes I wish that I could just rewind

this shit and take it back

I had visions but they just faded black

My train of thought is on a different track

When you’re in love it’s hard to separate fiction from


Your image in my head, and I’m tryna get rid of that

But you’re always on my mind like a fitted hat

Baby girl, I wanna bring it back to puppy love

When you was sent from up above to care for me

Said that you’d always be there for me

And even though you’re gone, it’s like you never left

Cause you always in my heart and still take away my


Can I love?

Baby girl, can I love?

I said mama can I love?

Yea, can I love?

I wanna laugh with you

Run the water and take a bath with you

Stay up late and watch romantic comedies

When it comes down to it you’re my hearts commodity

Yea, and now I’m feeling like a fool

Writing love letters that you’ll probably never get

And right now, I love you more than I’d like to admit

Because we’re separated

Onto you this song is dedicated

I’m love sick and I need you to medicate it

Feeling devastated

I think about the past

And now I hate it

Cause all it proves it that whenever made it

Uh, see me and shorty got history like a textbook

But lately our position is changed like that sex book

Ms. Independent she the type to hold her own

Late night contemplating all alone

The kingdom is empty without the queen upon the throne

Can I love?

Baby girl can I love?

Mama can I love?

I’m a ask you can I love?

They say there’s many more in the sea

But rather then go fish I play solitare

I look around and see you everywhere

But at the same you’re never there

Fingers through your hair

Reminiscing bout when and where

Remember when we pulled up to that spot and did it


See I hate to watch you walk away

But I love to watch you come

Baby girl you’re so lustful then innocent when it’s


The love we share is like a fine wine

Cause no matter what happens, it only gets better with


Baby girl you’re so fine that I had to take the time

To articulate this rhyme with you in mind, you’re so


Ain’t no matter who you’re fucking with

Or no matter who I’m fucking with, you’ll still be mine

Will we make it? I don’t know

The only thing that will tell us is time

Can I love?

Can I love?

Baby girl can I love?

Can I love?