Logic – Backpack Lyrics



I’m a just go in on this joint right now for y’all

All my lyricism heads where y’all at?

[Verse 1:]

I spit fifties and shit hundreds

Do shit that’s undid

Spontaneously combust in these bitches guts

I get em wet, no need to touch

Break they back like dutches

Keep em close like the toast I clutch

Never the less

I’m never depressed

I keep feelings suppressed

One of the best but need to listen if I’m a progress

I’m ready to live, I’m ready to die, I’m ready to ride

for rap

I said it on a record, now I can’t take it back

Stop, I shut it down like a bloodclot

Smoke emcees, like a fuckin bumbaclot

Mic check, I come to catch wreck

Death before dishonor so I’m coming for your neck

I pop emcees like Hymens

Y’all glass posing in stubs but I’m a diamond

I reckon you need to listen

I’m never dissin’

Unless your shit is wack, I’ll beat you into submission

Catch me fishin

Cause I’m eating for a lifetime

Wisdom in my mind

I’m a star watch me shine

Fucking your bitch from behind

Record it and hit rewind

I’m nasty, construct rhymes like rhinoplasty

A hip-hop statute

Rhymes coming at you, God bless you

When I kick wisdom it never stress you or test you

Unless you a dumb motherfucker

We gon’ get into it like this

[Verse 2:]

Said this is mathematic tactics

Murder this rap shit

Intravenously inject my prophylactics

Inhale my words like a fresh batch of Vicks

Similar to black ice cause the flow so slick

What’s up, rappers hear the rhyme they slit they wrists


Do a whole ‘lotta talking, no rapping like fisticuffs

Yeah, turn my headphones up

That’s all you sayin’ but I’m sprayin’ and I can’t get


Raw, rugged and rough

My alter ego, Mr.Tough

I’ll call your bluff

Face to face never snuff

I murder you with predicate poetic balletic shit

No mercy cause if I grip the mic they might curse me

Da Vinci flow

Before I grip the mic I’m in control

Before I manifested tendons I was rhyming as a embryo

Living in vertigo

Half of these fuckers don’t know

It’s Logic

I said it’s Logic