Lil’ Wayne – Yeah Ba Lyrics

I’m a hustler baby what you thought

I could close my mouth cause I speak from the heart

You could close your ears you gon hear me when you sleeping

You know that other boy ain’t nothing like weezy

But I ain’t gon dwel on it, I fell

Like all the food out my lunchpale done fell

Like all my little ghetto lovers up for sale

But still I shall prevail I’m a male

And I will, late nite, I’m a chill

By myself and remember how you made me feel

Like 1, before it made me I’ll

Pay attention to the road

Wana you stay up in the zone mayne

I kno it’s fucked up my girly girl is gone wayne

Get your shoes scuffed up wipe em and move on mayne

That’s life in the long lane

I hope you don’t hear my tone change

And the song say


I’m a gangsta baby I ain’t pulling your leg

They know I’m good in the streets you know I’m good in the bed

What if I said I was in a situation

Would you be able to make it a better situation

Dinner, conversation we can get away

We can’t wait we do us in the interstate

Tour bus it’s just me and my partners

It’s like 10 of us but it’s empty without ya

And I don’t realy need alot I make enough money

But still I grind, like it ain’t enough money

And my daughter expect much from me

So they can’t take her from me

They can’t take my nuts from me

Way up out a buck 20 plus 20, I’m a bout to be 23

Nuthins funny so. you can go try look higher

No, you will never find another me, no honey

Yes I will be the best dude I can

That’s by being just who I am

And they respect that and you left that

What a setback but I ain’t trippin

My hoe a where your pimp at

And I be standing at the last spot you stepped at

All you gotta do is step back

Dang, big poppa’s home

And watevers for you I love it like my own

Yeah whenever right goes wrong you gotta fight back

Till you turn it right back on how you like that

How you love that or how you love me

And do you love me so where the love be