Lil’ Wayne – When I Sleep Lyrics

Let you know something about me

I’m a Southern boy! Know what I’m talking about?

[Hook – Kid Ink]

I remember all the days stuck in December

Caught in the rain, all the pain, having no money come my way

But now I’m making money even when I sleep

Eyes wide awake, but I really need a dream

We hustle, hustle

[Verse 1]

I go by Weezy, baby

So call me "Lil Weasel"

My city is New Orleans

Baby, my street is Eagle

And that’s my nigga’s?

He like to break a piece

He got the gun, I got the rope, my nigga pick a tree

Ain’t talking money, I let the nickel speak

Niggas think I’m cheap, you ain’t gon? to me

The only thing to be: a picture on your shirt

No homo: I put your dick in the dirt

Flip em like a shovel with that wrist work

I stop ya, heard? I keep em coming like clockwork

J cool with the jump, it’s an outburst

And we gon be from South Philly til the South dirt

Bad bitch let me get all the outskirts

It’s lil Weezy, yeah?

This ain’t a concert, this ain’t a?

This an outburst, so hear the shot burst:

[Hook – Kid Ink]

Every hustle, we hustle, hustle – hey!

[Verse 2]

Straight from the bottom, now I’m high as a mountain

From the city where you need way more protection than a condom

Had a dream but I’m conscious, see the veins in my sockets

In the sky, wishing I could turn this plane into a rocket

And just leave here, more money but the problems still live here

I feel the pressure from my lil peers

Cause I’m about to blow, Swisher Sweet breathe in

One hit, lose your breath, all I do is (breathe) win

Big fish swimming in the deep end

No present, fuck I’m into pretense

I remember rainfall in the street

Now I’m in the club: watch me make this bitch precipitate

I promised to myself I would be the best

You could say I’m crazy or a mess

Just hand me a wrench

And it’s nothing you can tell a ho

Life is just a bitch, I’ll forgive her but I’ll never forget