Lil’ Wayne – What’s Wrong With Them Lyrics

(feat. Nicki Minaj)

[Lil Wayne:]

Uh, life on the rocks

Too hard to swallow

So we get high till it feel like the sky low

Ya’ll boys just a bunch of pussy cats milo

Money is the song, pockets on high note

Do ra me faso

I rock like a fossil, big ball shit, Paul Castellano

Shoot ya ass up, now crawl out the condo

That’s that nine nigga, lil rando

Sleeping with the enemy so I fuck the World

To Miss Louise Anna, the sweetest southern girl

The sweetest southern girl

(sweetest southern girl)

[Chorus – Nicki Minaj:]

This is times up

Put your signs up

Made em pick my dude

I’m the line up

Baby what the fuck is wrong (wrong) with them

What the fuck is wrong (wrong) with them

You see money you call

Very few are chosen

Looking at the wall

You can feel them close in

Baby what the fuck is wrong (wrong) with them

What the fuck is wrong (wrong) with them

[Lil Wayne:]

Uh, mind over matter

Money over all

The World is on my shoulders,

Shall I dust my shoulders off?

Uzi rat-a-tatter, knocking over walls

Fuck the bullshit, but just don’t fuck it raw man

Pussy has a pattern and I know where I’m going

And if you got beef I turn into a tenderloin

Sanity kills so I live the crazy life

I wonder if you’ll pay attention if I change the price

Life is my wife, till death do us part

Man I’m fly as fuck you ain’t even next to depart

Quick draw McGraw, I hope you like art


[Lil Wayne:]

Stepping on the bullshit

You can be my doormat

Y’all ain’t going nowhere with that hatin’ shit, four flat

Disrespectful on the beat, Borat

Fuck the system and the pussy wasn’t all that

Yeah, now time’s gettin’ shorter

Life on ya head like fucking read carter now

Don’t you cross me, you do better crossing the border

So much money piled up I’m a motherfucking hoarder