Lil’ Wayne – What He Does Lyrics


But She Always Say

But She Luv My Style



N If I Stay Out Late

Im Commin Home Rich

Thinkin Bout That Pussy

On The Grind Got Me Home Sick

Them Dolla Signs On My Mind Got Me On This

If I Dont Hustle Then Wat Happens In The Mornin?

Do The Sun Even Rise?

Do The Birds Sing?

When I Can Stand Ova The Stove N Make The Birds Sing

U Think About That

I’ll Be Right Back


There She Go Baby Come Right Back



Then She Call Right Back



I Toss The Phone In The Back



Shyt U All I Got

But If U Leave Me Where U Met Me

Dat Be On That Clock

Gettin It

N When A Nigga Hittin It

U Luvin

No Cryin No Fussin

Just As Simple Im Commin

So When Ya Baby Boy Out There Runnin

Dont Cry

Dont Fuss

Its Simple Im Commin


I Kno What He Does[X2]

So In Luv[X2]

My Baby

Dats My Baby

Have His Baby Some Day

N Its Been Hard

So Hard


N Dats My Baby

I Luv Him

I Luv Him Yawl