Lil’ Wayne – Walk It Out Lyrics

Drought 3


I bought it out like stunna

I hope when we kiss we make u sick to yo stomach

Stunning like my daddy

And yo momma eat rubbers

I bet dat I can do da mouth 2 mouth with yo women

My house is a dungeon

Yellow diamond ring lookin like a little funion

Stand on my toes you can call me Paul Bunjion

Touchin up my flows like a nigga do construction

Da microfone wet cuz my words like seduction

N when we on the jet you dnt come up on da discusion

And if you say you ballin we prolly dnt trust ya

I got plenty freaky hoes dat prolly wont fuck ya

Even if you pay em pay dem they prolly wont fuck ya

Only if I say dat she can touch ya like busta

But she might touch ya

And burn ya like usher

Me n my click we in red like blush

I shit this rappers out and sometimes I 4get 2 flush ya

Grand daddy purp or bubble kush crush ya

Explode in a bitch mouth like a gusher

Cash money young money

Check da production

I am just a martion

Get prepared for obduction




I walk it out like crutches

2 gurls jump me like double dutches

My nigga t-streets know a gurl named dutches

And everytime he see her in da streets she b cuzzin

I told em he should wave da black flag cuz she buggin

He said the pussy good

He said ya digg

So I dugg em

I’m lookin for a real bad bitch wit a husband

I give em much dick

And a whole lot of nuttin

I’m spittin like I stumbled on a gold pot of sumthin

And when I was 6 I saw my rolemodel hustlin

So I gotta hustle

Thise rappers talkin bout a whole lot of nuttin

You drop me on saturday I sold out on sunday

Fuck is da argue bout

Nigga da carter out

This is what I call da droubt… 3

N we dnt walk it out

We drop top porch it out

They better walk em out

Before we chalk em out

We chalk it out [x7]

We choke em out

They dnt want it na uh

No they dnt want it na uh

You see they foamin I’m not

Oh yeah they foamin I’m not

I east side walk it out

I bring New Orleans out

I am a saints fan

Oh yea we marchin now

Like wear a safes band

I play the organs now

And if he talk

Most likely I’m what they talkin bout

My nigga t from da east roll out dat forest now

Man I’m just tryin 2 get my peanuts I’m like charlie brown

Ok da uzi make dat holy sound

Take 2 of thise and walk around

Come straight from that homeless town it’s — belong to carter now