Lil’ Wayne – Vans Freestyle Lyrics


He yo Mall won’t chu roll up a (ha)

(Fucas dukas mulle)

Young money volume one


Dj ride smooth

The greatest Dj in the world

Weezy F. Baby Best rapper alive

Fucka dukas mulle Baby


Young wayne up in dis thang

Da boy get money like da summer get brain

I got game dats just dat

Baby I’m a playe check my stats

She just wanna corres my tats

And then I run up in dat pussy and run laps

Yeah it’s weezy baby

Now keep me in ya mouth like ya teeing baby

And I swear I go dumb

I smoke so much niggas call me no lungs

I’mn just tryin to stack low funds

Baby I’m da god I should walk around wit nuns

But I walk around wit guns

Use your head or you walk around wit none

And that’ll be no fun

Now is my error bring terror like ones