Lil’ Wayne – Up To Me Lyrics

Look, where I go from here?

Just lost my father last year

But I still, remain to keep it real like dollar bills

I drop tears, can’t believe my daddy’s gone

Rabbit come home, why ya left us all alone?

But I’m comin man

Just wait at the gates, I’ma be runnin man

Arms open, eyes wide, full a love

You watched me come up from a scrub

Now ya see ya son ridin everyday on dubs

But I wish, I could share them times wit’ you

It got me pissed, this family and my momma, too

But please brah, won’t ya come back for Lil Wayne

And see Cita, Mrs. Rose, Sheryl, Kemp and plus Sinetra

Dawg, we really miss ya

And it ain’t all that cool livin off pictures

Ah man, visit while I’m sleep, write a note or call me

Can’t believe you left me to be a small man

But I know it wasn’t meant to be

That’s why I suck up all the game that you sent to me

It’s up to you, Wayne, nigga, stay up and keep it real

It’s all on you, man, my nigga, I know how you feel

Just be strong, ’cause everythang gon’ be alright

I know it’s hard tryna make but it’s gon’ be alright

Alright I know it, see I got a child

I know I’m young, but when you left dawg, thangs got wild

I know you probably sayin ‘damn, you raisin children now?’

But it’s all gravy I’m with Baby makin millions now

So I still smile

I’m takin care ya wife bra

Ain’t nothin changed, if I still come home late at night she fuss

But it’s still the ol’ same ol’, same ol’

Thangs go, up and down like rainbows, we maintain though

So you know who payin the bills now, ah hah

Still flossin, give my audience the chills, ah hah

I got all my game from you, man I ain’t gon’ lie

But I’m still thuggin nigga, playa you think I ain’t gon’ ride?

But Slim and B done slowed me done and brought the talent out me

Yeah Slim and B done showed me ’round, all a the Jags around me

And I ain’t goin’ no where, that nigga stuck wit’ me

And make you and my people happy, man it’s up to me

I know you know I’m thinkin’ ’bout ya, you be on my mind

I know ya see me everytime watchin the boys shine

And I know that ya see I put out my own CD

And picture this, your little boy even on TV

But I swear it’s off the heezy, Weezy

Say it’s cool, you can believe me, I like how they treat me

I’m doin’ what ya say, don’t let a nigga try me

And I don’t let a fine, pretty broad get by me

Don’t let nothin’ pull me off track from my hobby

Oh yeah, and I don’t leave my room sloppy

But the same thang make ya laugh, make ya cry

And everybody that ya love it’s like they have to die

I pray to the Lord everyday and ask him why

And ask him to bless your soul everytime I pass by

I know he doin’ it, and leavin all the love to me

And I’ma prove it, and show ya daddy it’s up to me

I mean it’s up to me man

Just watch over me

And it’s gon’ be all gravy man

Leavin big, treatin me all good

Everythang else be all good

Rest in peace ya heard me

I’ll be there