Lil’ Wayne – U Guessed It Lyrics


Nigga, I’m Sorry 4 The Fucking Wait, it’s busy

Racing Ferrari with Lil Reginae, that’s gangsta

You know I always come in second place

You hating, it’s written all over your fuckin’


Bitch you jealous, and I was right

Bitch you jealous, stunt, stunt, shit nigga don’t lie

Tell a fuck nigga, bitch you jealous

I’m Sorry 4 The Wait apologetic, bitch you jealous

Now give us our cash and our credit

[Verse 1]

Riding around like Pablo, still talking that blanco

My nina sing soprano, so we going leave on a high note

Come out my shell like Rafael, and crack yours like a taco

Lil Wayne tougher than John Wayne

Make him change his name to John Doe

It’s me and my lil brother Capo, Lil Marly G, and my bottom bitch

If i’m falling, it’s bottom list, if i’m tripping, it’s a power trip

Her pearl tongue like the pearly gates

And what said I’ll climb the fence

My other bitches gotta ride the bench, and what that said

Bitch you jealous, i’m fly like my dreadlocks, propellers

I think should here like ochella, my woman a queen like coretta

And nigga you sleep with the devil

I couldn’t be JR for ever, I don’t mean to ruffle your feathers

But I had to spread my wings, ain’t trying to get lemon peppered

Got too many pistols, too many issues, too many mistakes

Too many miscues, only made me better, it turned me into

The man I am today, i’m new and i’m improved

I got my shit right, it’s just you and a tissue

Suit yourself because this suit is a rental

Now the snow is just coming in, like I broke a window

To an igloo, slow a bitch down like un momento

I rather get screwed than scrutinize

I rather get used by a cutie pie

If she ain’t fucking it’s uber time

I rather be advised than supervised

You do the math, we do the numbers

We pour champagne and expensive wine

In water guns, and shoot each other, uh

I get high, meditate like a monk, but postures when I get drunk

And my goons is wilder than gunk, my do’s is as bad as my don’ts

Met a kind of cute bitch with a donk

As long as the bitch got a donk

And I smell like, pussy, money, and weed

She said "ool I like your cologne"

The last niggas tested us flunk, so please study hard, study long

Kill yo wife then take the bitch phone

And text you to please hurry home

And the rain drops just turned into blood

It looks like you just come in from a storm

And if all pussies cover walls, I hope you run into your own

I come with that heroin flow, I come with that never before

My CMB days are dead, I ain’t worried about ghost

I married the MOB, we divorced

And all that shit dead with out me of course

It’s nothing, a zombie, a corpse

You burnt yourself and was suppose to pass me the torch

Fuck it, I’ll see you in forbes nigga

I’m Sorry 4 The Fucking Wait

It’s busy, searching my calender for better days

You either turn the page, or tear the page

Y M Young Money nigga, never age