Lil’ Wayne – Trippy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Uh, blue skies, blue skies

I see you with my red eyes

Bust your fucking grape nigga

Turn your shit to red wine

Don’t fuck up my high nigga

I’m too gone, bye nigga

She get dick, weed and ignored

That’s a D.W.I nigga

My skin crawlin’, my walls talkin’

The pictures in here lookin’ at me

The ground movin’, I’m seeing shit

I’m blowing like I’m stuck in traffic

I’m smoking on that strong

Got me coughing like I’m getting buried

I’ve been fucking Mary-Jane

I knew her when she was just Virgin Mary

I’m stoned, Mick Jagger

I can run around Saturn

Eyes rolling back

And keep blinking like hazards

I said king me, king me

With my mushroom crown on

I graduated to better drugs

My cap and gown on

Don’t knock me off my high horse

What I do is my choice

I’m high as the scoreboard

Bitch look up at my points

I’m trippin’ out, cotton mouth

I got high and fell asleep loaded

I woke up and got high again

O.K, I’m reloaded


Weed, bills and that drank

That’s my trippy kit

That’s my trippy kit

That’s my trippy kit

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]

Shoutout to my weed man

Shoutout to my lean man

Pussy ass nigga wanna spark something

I’m a gasoline can

I’m high nigga don’t blow it

I trust it as far as I throw it

I don’t know if I’m coming or going

T, make my blunt a Samoan

And I see lights flashing, life passing

Take a bitch home and fuck like rabbits

Styrofoam cups and wine glasses

Shot glasses, hot flashes

My tounges numb, I can’t talk

No banners, my spine hurts

My mind surf, my eye jerks

I try different drugs, I’m diverse

Goodbye Earth, farewell

High as heaven, I is low as hell

Keep scratching, keep biting my nails

Keep lighting an L, I’m a kite in the air

I like weed brownies and cookies

I’m straight but seeing crooked

I got my trippy kit

I hope I trip and fall in some pussy



[Verse 3: Juicy J]

Mustard herb in a zip lock

Twisted up top notch

Weed that I smoke, straight off a boat

Six foot bong, tryna see what I toke

This that cali kush, I motivate not gloat

All I need is Mary, let the models do the coke

Tryna’ get some becky in the backseat of the ghost

Hit the weed man, tell him that I need a bag

Wake up every morning and I take a drag

Take the blunt, dip it in the lean then I laugh

In your baby mama ear and I’m gona’ smash

They call me the trippy king, don’t try me nigga

Juicy J with the taylors, chinese eyes nigga