Lil’ Wayne – Throw It In The Bag Lyrics

Yeah No Ceilings baby,



[Verse 1:]

Swimming in Polo, sleeping in Jordan’s,

Bought a cell phone and I don’t even much call it

New imports make her fell important

No bull shit, nigga no Ben Gordan

Get her information, take her on vacation

Give her dope dick, now she under the sedation

Wake her in the mornin, breakfast where she slept at

Tell her go shopping, I can’t wait till she get back

Louis flip-flops and a pair of pink sweat pants

She wear that on my jet, I fuck her after jet lag

I take her to da vet, cause she a bad bitch

You can’t be broke and happy so me I’m mad rich

I’m talkin Young Money shit, she love the way I think

L’Oreal all over my bathroom sink,

Betsy Johnson all over my bedroom counter

My pockets too deep, I fuck around and drown her.

[Verse 2:]

Ok, fuckin on Versace, napping on satin

I love to hit it backwards, call it pig latin

I bought her ass a Mac, now we be iChattin

nigga swag jackin, but I got my patent

Fre Fresh out the salon, I took her to Milan

I speak a lil french, and hers is no better then mine

I pass her the blunt, she probly hit it one time

Catch us at the game sittin on the baseline

We can call a timeout, take a lil time out

Pockets too deep, shawty you gon have to climb out

Babiana prom dress with your spine out

And I live on the beach, you can get that panty line out

She wants to own me and I ain’t tryna to fight it

She said is her dick, she got it copyrighted

And I don’t pay for pussy because I’m pussy priceless

I go fishing in it, and I ain’t a Pisces

Uh, Gucci only to the grocery store

Stop playin bitch you ballin like Okaford

Ha, And now we headed to the dealer

I’m goin to cop my baby some edward O ceilings. Ahhh