Lil’ Wayne – Tha Blues Lyrics

Come on, come on

Come on, come on, come on, come on

Ain’t nothin’ nice or sweet (Huh?)

They don’t even much understand this (Uh-uh)


Now when I crawl up out the Rove’ I got quarters and O’s

Forty-fours under my clothes – I’m drunk and blow

And I done told them boys if they play I dump their mothers

Now they findin’ niggas everyday slumped in gutters

I come through on the block strapped, bumpin’ Bubba

for the summer in a bright orange pumpkin Hummer

(??) from the Courvoisier, and lots of hay

And make me run in your place and take your pops away

See, they got niggas in my hood who can’t cop the yay

So I can get it understood and have you chopped today

And not to say I could even hit your block and spray

And try to knock all the bone structure out your face

Stick a potato on the head of my nine – it’s deadly quiet

Leave a nigga redder than swine, you damn pig

The plan is to take everything and kill ’em all

Young or old, nigga, big or small

Ain’t nothin’ nice

Ain’t nothin’ nice around here, stupid

Keep playin’, you won’t see next year, stupid

And in the van there’s a box in the back full of plenty of tools

And when you see me on the block, I come to give ’em the blues


Now we all do dumb things

Playin’ with Wayne doesn’t have to be one of ’em

I’ll murder his father right in front of him

None of ’em are ready for the trouble I’m ’bout

Pull up in a bubble, hop out, then let a couple pop out

I got two double Desert Eagles, bustin’ at your peoples

Cussin’ at polices, and roughin’ up your nieces

(????) off the meters

Don’t leave without the heaters

Believe this, my nina’s got more shelves than Adidas

You see the slick jackin’, believe it’s glocks and millimeters

Run up on your family and pop your senioritas

A lot of Hennessy – just twist that lil’ baby

Damn, them hollow tips just missed that lil’ baby

This is definitely, step to me, get a hysterectomy

Technically I’ll murder anyone who disrespectin’ me

Seventeen Carollton – mess with me, I bury one

Three-eighty – I carry one

Come to kill up everyone


Everybody freeze and drop when Lil Wheezy cop

And niggas be like Q-tip ’cause they breathin’ stop

Believe or not, the ki’s ten G’s (??)

Until I die I pullin’ ego that be’s the block

And he’s so hot that four hundred degrees the spot

And weed and vodk’ got me wanna beat a cop

I grease the glock, the scope with the beam and dot

And I’m hangin’ out the Beamer top releasin’ shots

Follow me – everybody in the family die sourly

Niggas drop hourly – ruinin’ your economy

Liquor power me, now there’s nothin’ that can bother me

Creep up in your window while you’re sleepin’, take your child with me

I’m wild, and Wheezy more violent than Dennis Rodman

Slide up in a blue truck and shoot-up a whole lot of men

A lot of heat, a lot of fire, a blazer like Stoudamire

Ride around your neighborhood and you wake up with bodies by your house