Lil’ Wayne – Street Chains Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Straight from the East side

Blood gang we heavy, fuck nigga dare me

I turn into Freddy, my fingers machetes

Trap house jumpin’ like Monta Ellis

We trap out the teli when we outta town

Uzi on deck, phone ringin’ off the hook

Bitch that’s the plug

Ocean view bedroom baby

See through showers and I just put some fish in my tub

Hold up I ain’t playin’, niggas say they rich I say eeh

Same old song I don’t dance

Heater on my waist hotter than a frying pan

If you don’t see what I’m saying I give your ass a fuckin’ eye exam

I ain’t playin’, guns in my hands I ain’t prayin’

Fireman spittin’ venom, Spiderman, I’m enhanced

I’m at peace, joggin’ pants cost at least about a grand

I’m advanced like Japan, got more sand than Sudan, lord


And life ain’t nothin’ but a long day

And tomorrow ain’t nothin’ but a long way, away

You know the haters come in all sizes, all shapes (okay)

That’s why I had to get a little more trunk space

Gotta insurance on the trap house, Allstate

Got the trap house pumpin’ like a heart rate

Got the trap house pumpin’ like an 808

Boom like an 808

[Verse 2]

I could fly around that bitch need a tarmac

I just landed in Cuba need a straw hat

I gotta get the raw back I need a format

I put the shit on horseback and start my own ranch

From where they don’t talk smack, they just snort smack

I turn your head to an open hot sauce pack

I tell the bitch some true lies and some false facts

Boy I’m drownin’ in the syrup like a short stack

Ooh, 187, 211, hockey mask on, Wayne Gretzky

Stunt my ass off, chain heavy

Your bitch get passed on, chain letter

Train smoker, smoke plain never

Had a date with the devil, then I changed schedule

I’m a trained killer, like a paid killer

Better yet Saddam Hussein nephew

Nigga no love

That’s from the bottom of my heart

I pull up and paint yo’ whole fucking block red

And get out of my car and admire my art

Then smile at my thoughts

My bitch from Atlanta got eyes like a Hawk, she see why I’m a boss

I just got another speeding ticket on the Bugatti

While it was parked

Now I don’t wanna talk, bitch I don’t wanna talk

Lean in my punch, I decided to spar, anybody want war?

I’m excited to start, get indicted tomorrow, I be out by the morning, before I even yawn

Stay in ya’ lane, I remind these little boys, this is victory lane, now do I need a horn?

The struggle is real, and the Bible too long

I’m writing my will, and I’m typing my won’t’s

Lord please, Kilo’s OZ’s

Cause my bitch act like she like Pinot and cheese

I dropped out of class so I’m zero degrees

I can out-think a shrink, she can deep throat a tree

I can hijack a brincle, my sweet soda pink

I’m a freak-show to freaks

I’m spitting these bars, hope my bartap is cheap

I’m a hard man to reach, I’m newborn and deceased

I’m too hard for this beat, I’m the heart and the beat

The Chong and the Cheech, my blunt long as a speech

Roach look like a leech, I’m too long for the brief

I’m too wrong for the priest, with this chrome on your teeth that get blown out yo’ cheek

Like my bitch mixed, like Long Island Tea

She don’t hide her figure, she don’t hide her feet

I’m the head nigga, like prodigy

And bitch I’mma shine, like Connery


And life ain’t nothin’ but a long day

And tomorrow ain’t nothin’ but a long way, away