Lil’ Wayne – Run This Town Lyrics

Nigga we are, so ready for the war

C-A-R-T-E-R, put the beat in ER

I’m colder than BR, add another three Rs

Watch me like D-V-D V-C-R

Pump to your chest, I ain’t talking CPR

Ridin this track like a motha fuckin street car

New Orleans coroner, his name is Slick Mem ya’ll

Fuck with me wrong you’ll be wakin up in his yard

Man I go crazy on the beat, I go nimrod

Man I act a ass treat the beat like a hemorrhoid

Man I go to work on the beat, call it employ

Man I kicks it, bitch get your shinguards

Young Money run this, towns, countries

I still eat rappers, Mmmmm, scrumptious

My goons toe thumpers, they pump em like Krumpers

Anybody beat, I’ll dunk on Archie Bunkers

Touchie Be the widest, that run the Metro-polis

I pop like Lollis, you drop like eyelids

The money keep callin, I hear the shit dialin

And they say money talks, you can hear my shit hollerin

You softer than Nylen, oops I meant nylon

Perfection is the goal and I’m headed to the pylon

Crown feelin good, I ain’t even gotta try on

The pistol mean business, that bitch should have a tie on

Teeta told me do this shit, so I had to do this shit

I get super hero money, call that nigga super rich

Keep it super far and wide, let me get on my super shit

Super ill, super sick, dawg I go super Vick

Ran into a super woman, turned her to a super bitch

Hit her with that super dick, she be comin super quick

Super Millz, Mack, Tyga, Streets, Nell and super Nick

Super Drizzy, Gudda, Chuckie, Twiss that’s the super clique

Now I’m off that super shit, fuck that shit I super quit

Runnin’ circles round the game, like a hula-hoop and shit

You gon’ have to nuke that shit, that won’t be a duplicate

And my blunts be super thick, I’m higher than a super kick

I’m-I’m the bomb baby, watch me nuke this shit

When I leave the booth, they gotta scoop the shit

My apologies, diabolically

I’m the prodigy, do you roger me?

I look in the flames, and see the hot of me

But how come I’m still, colder than commonly?

Yea we run this town like a lot of feet

Young Mula baby, I’m proud of me