Lil’ Wayne – Rewind Lyrics

Yea, Ice Cream Hoodie,

Bathin Eight Tennis Shoes,

No Time For Pictures,

No Time For Interviews,

Go And Get The Money,

Snowstorm Or Sunny,

Try Me And Im Comin Out Wit My Coat On This Summer,

Pay Me A Daygo,

You Cant Get The Cash Then Pay Me In Yayo,

Save Me The Drama,

Dont Go Run And Snitch

If Thats Ya Mama Then Ill Merk You Right In Front Of That Bitch

Im A Young Money, Cash Money, Univeral Soldier

Watch Out Ms. Syria,

Im Kinda Afillia,

Im A Headach, And They Love The Pain,

I Ask A Bitch Her Name And Tell Her

Go Board The Plane,

Im So Sure

I Know More

Im So More

The Wayne.

I Know Whores

That Know Whores

Thats Always Wit Some More Whores

You Old Whores

I Grow Fours

Ole Broad

Oh Sure

I Leave That Pussy So Sore

Mama Said She Got Lost And The Dope Froze

Niggas Call Maybacks Lo Los

Shout To My Stompin Ground


Fuck Wit Them New Orlans Niggas


Up Town Up Town

Where I Rose

Welcome To The Real Outdoors

But Of Course

That Chopper Split Them Like A Divorce

When The Spiriutal Force

Take Em Way Up North

They Say The End Is Comin

Imma Stay Up For It

Imma Chase That Money

You Can Wait Up For It

Imma Kick To The Snare

Imma Boom To The Bass

What More Can I Say

I Cant Feel My Face.