Lil’ Wayne – Remember Me Lyrics

Say, Weezy (weezy)

Can… they remember… me?

Lil’ Wee… zy

Make ’em remember (Haaa!) ya, nigga

Let these niggas know your (Look!) background, nigga (Look!)

Let ’em (Look!) know your (Look!) background!

Let ’em know how you’ve been for a while

All I was taught was murder murder

Kill drama, and nothin’ less

I strap tha Smith-Wess, and bust.. it in they chest

I had ta hustle hustle hustle hustle

Had ta struggle for success

Hid grams in girls’ breasts, stick bricks.. under they dress

Them niggas there with me fooli’

Me, I’m full of that dilly

Hope when I catch them slippin’

Him and they daddy’s trippin’

Shorty can hold it down

Shorty be totin’ rounds

Smellin’ like a pound on school grounds

Shorty, wow

Hair… all over my head

Bandana ’round my brain

Eyes bloodshot red

Briches down to my legs

Guns up in my trench

When niggas playin’, they get drenched

My pockets is full of lead

So, nigga, stay off tha ben

I’m young with bad nerves

Since I lost my partna, I’ve been troubled, hurt in this ‘burb

So I’on’t even hesitate ta leave ’em on tha curb

And wet dem niggas’ shirt

Nigga, get ’em full of birds

Tell them niggas, Geezy!

Remember he? Tha little G, never die

Took one to tha chest, but Weeze Wee never die

Remember he? Tha little G, never die

Have B.Geezy on his side, so Weezy Wee never die

Lil’ Weezy Wee… had ta steal, hustle, and jack

Weezy Wee roll with K’s, glocks, and MAC’s

Tha little G, he was raised keepin’ it real

That’s my lil’ nigga, I taught him to get it how he live, nigga

Look, look

That time I forgot tha bills

Ain’t been home in two weeks

Macita lookin’ for me

Tha word all over tha streets

Well, shiiit! I love my momma

But all I got ta offer is drama, and many problems

I lay back in tha cut

These niggas out and I rob ’em, they ain’t spin around here

We all alone on my block like nobody live ’round here

Tha lights got cut off at my house, and now I’m lookin’ for a win-dow

I can’t see it, I’ma drop my pile on tha floor

They got some niggas stuntin’ in Benz, hey man, them boys ain’t riders

{gun cocks} Hand it over, partna, my feet done got tired (Break it off)

Well, picture this, I gotta corner this ole nigga address

He said he got that work, and needed me ta meet ‘im there (Meet him there)

Nigga, take your Roly down with somethin’ shady, daddy (What?)

Within a week he changed his mind, and… received tha package (What?)

Oh well… back to tha drawin’ board (Board)

Cowards start hollerin’ ’cause they know I’m comin’ for it

Lemme tell ’em

You remember that there nigga use ta be thuggin’ it out

Blunt in his mouth, would stay passed up in a drought

Run in your house, “Lay down! Nobody move!

Tell that slut go get your stash, and empty your pockets, fool!”

That’s how it was… crime, struggle, drivin’ for scrubs

Lots of thugs… make niggas come ta answer them up

Some niggas choose ta come back to me, ride around my set for me

My lights off that thing ’cause I got that SKS with me

!Okay! (!okay!)

Listen, all you ballin’ niggas betta !relocate! (!’locate!)

‘Cause, see, ya’ll got it

I gotta make my cheese !rotate! (!rotate!)

Right now I’m doin’ bad

So just give me with whatever you have, my stomach hurt, I need a bag

I’m street-livin’… week for week

No-sleep livin’

Look outside ya window in tha mornin’, your jeep missin’

My heat sizzlin’

I’m ready ta sweep these niggas

Geezy… make ’em remember Weezy, nigga!

(Chorus 2x)

Look, remember that?

Wuz up, (Are you rememberin’, B.Geezy?)

I remember you, nigga, we go way back ta True Story, (Now) nigga, ya heard


Look, you don’t remember me?

I remember ya, nigga

I was.. I was (You were doggin’) a bad dog… (You were a lil’ dog) Highly

Grove 17, off top, nigga (Uh-huh)