Lil’ Wayne – Promise Lyrics

Damn She Bad

Damn She Thick

And I Mite Not Know Perfect But Damn She Eat

And She Thick And She Rite

Damn She Nice

You Can Be My Judge Baby..Yeah I’ll Do Life

Gimme Life

And I Know That You Be Dancin Till Your Toes Hurt

But I Can Make Your Toes Curl I Can Make Your Soul Jerk

We Can Soul Search

And I Also Got That Street Credit I Got More Work…Than Any Dude…You…Knew

Girl I Am A Blood Su-Ru

I Hear You Want Somebody You Can Call Boo

I Will Change My Name To Boo And Fukk Around And Call You

Now What You Wanna Do?

Because..What Ever That Maybe Baby I Want Do That Too

I Will ? What You Going Through

And Likk A Pair Of Wet~N~Sticky Vickies Girl I’m On You

Okay Ma The Mood Is So Rite

Light 2 And Take Flight

My Nigga T.I. Is The King I Am The Prince..Your Knight

You Dont Need A Superman..You Just Need A Man Likk Weezy



[Lil Wayne:]

And I Can Make You Feel The Same Way

We Can Pospone And Stay Home Likk A Rain Date

She’ll Have The Salad Just Put Her On Wayne’s Plate

What You Know ’bout Having Syrup Poured On That Pancake?

Nasty As I Wanna B..But Nasty As You Likk Me Too..Be

I Hope You Likk Me Too But Now You Know I Likk You Too

3 Am Room Service..Serve Ya

You Can B My Dessert..My Caramel Sherbert

Call Your Mama We Can Make A Baby

N The Way You Work The Mic In Your Video Is So



[Lil Wayne:]

And The Chair Or Stool Move Was Kool

You Make Me Wanna Oohhh

But I’ma B Kool I Need A Moment

I Think You R The Finest Human On Earth

We Can Get Together I Can Help You With That Homework

Take Your Ass To School Too Boo

Teach You All The Rules You Never Knew

We Need A Moment

I Can B Your Future

I Can B Your Teacher

B Your Proffessor..Write Down This Lecture

You Want Some Extra Credit? Lemme Check Your Homework

I Can B Your Tutor And Help You With Exams

No Feelings? Or It’s Some Murta For You

You Got Them Goodies And I Got A Sweet Tooth

Now Can Yall Blame Me?

Shiit..Hov Got B And I Just Want C

C I Just Want To See If Your R Taller Than Me

Naw Realy I Just Wanna See If You R Mrs. Carter To Be

Yeah I Know This Is Pretty Awkward For Me

But I Just Act Likk You Are Talking To Me When You Say


Ooohhh..I Mean Everything That I Say..

From The Bottom Of My Heart..

I Would Never..Never Ever..Hurt You.

I Open My Heart..Open My Heart

[Lil Wayne:]

Beleive Dat.. And I Agree Dat

Open Up Your Heart To Me And You Wont Get Your Key Back

Miss Ciara You Are Colder Than Blue

And Baby I Aint Talkin To Nobody Else But


Youuuuu…There’s Nothing I Wont Do Baby..To Spend My Life With You..

I Give My Life To You..I Promise That I Will Never Lie..Oohh

[Lil Wayne:]

Ayyy Sweetheart..I Dont Care What Nobody Say Real Niggas Gonna Show Respect

Ya Dig!

Ayy Darling You R All That..Whatever That Is..I’d Sure Likk To Know

Ha Ha!!

Let Me Kut That Out

But Straight Up Mama..I Just Did This Ma Because You Deserve It

I’m Out!!!