Lil’ Wayne – Problem Solver Lyrics

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Uhm Uhm Uhm

That boy so bad, that boy so (Weezy)

That boy so bad, that boy so (Weezy Baby)

That boy so bad, that boy so (Yeeaahhh!)


Chorus: 2x

He dead and gone, no mo’ problems I’m da problem solva,(Yeah)

He dead and gone, no mo’ problems I’m da problem solva,(Yeah)

He dead and gone, no mo’ problems I’m da problem solva,(Yeah)

CLICK CLICK POW problem solved!

Verse 1:

Gun on me faithfully nina how I adore you,

How I hold you from the side when I control you,

I won’t miss,

Don’t slip then I get closer and I can’t miss,

Stand ova him like a pianist wit no bench,

I hol’ da key like Mariah when I fire,

No lip all 4 fif,

Throw clip cuthroat ni99as I know them,

Throw them somethin to wipe out ya hol shyt,

Notice me neva I’m all black,

Masked up Jason,

Part 11 I’m more scarier terror,

I look fear in the eyes like a mirror I don’t fear him, (Uh Huhn)

I share ’em wit da rest of da pollbearers..BURRY HIM,

Very low I’m kerosene gasoline,

It’s asinine to f*ck wit me,

Come and see,

Dat’s like runnin’ into a f*ck*n’ tree,

Climb up motha fu*c*a I’ll leave you hung fo weeks yea!……STUPID!

Get ‘EM!

Chorus: 2x

Verse 2:

I run wit ni99as consida themselves gorillas,

I feed ’em banana clips,

Head stomachs and hips,

Quit TIP quit sippin dat petron,

Dat shyt’ll git you flipped like a baton,

In two arms,

Who calm I’m calm you calm,

Tick tick make a nigga drop the bomb,

Weave it (yea) I’m from Holligrove Vietnam,

Military status captain gone,

Yeah ask em’ all they’ll tell ya,

Ya f*ck wit da boy and they’a smell ya from anywhere,

Big BLEEZY I’m on like da mayor,

When it’s beef I feel like Lil’ Jon ni99a YEAH!,

Scare ya right out ya draws,

Act up and the AK 47 knock ya right out ya truck,(Get Up)

Back up turn ya lights out ya done,


Dat mean GO N-E..GONE…GET EM!

Chorus: 2x

Verse 3:

Really man I don’t think you ni99as should really fuck wit me,

Da gun off me urgently workin and twerkin it perfectly,

Circle da glock I’m like f*ck it I’m bustin ’em I’m cussin’ ’em like fuck ’em I buck ’em I buck ’em I buck ’em,

Work ’em til it’s empty,

Get at me spit at me ya make dis a shootout ni99a,

I hit you you missed me I left and you missin dat is really good,

I waitin’ I’m sittin I’m patient I’m loadin’ I’m clickin I’m spittin’ I’m spittin I’m spittin I’m spittin,

Till it’s clickin and clickin’

Naw naw I ain’t trippin I’m givin dem to da river,

Callin dem shark dinner,

They human tuna

Weezy Baby

Lex Luger

Freddy Kreuger

Do Ya..B*TCH!

Who you playin wit,

Wit dat back and forth shyt,

Ni99a I ain’t sayin shyt,

B*tch I clap quick,

You ain’t nuttn but a sandwich

To a man b*tch,

I leave ya lyin down in ketchup catch up! Yeeeaaahhh!

Eat you ni99as you niggas fo lunch…GET EM!

Chorus 2x