Lil’ Wayne – Prince Of Hip-hop Lyrics

(Lil wayne talking)

Yo king!

(King arut talking)

What’s poppin’

(Lil wayne)

Dey must be trippin’

(King arut)

Yeh dey is dey is.

Dey don’t kno who da

Prince of hip-hop is.

(Lil wayne)

Yeh dey caught up.

Lets show dem yo!

(King arut)


(King arut)

I mean stuntin is a habit get like dis king arut in da house

And ya can’t step like sh*t! dis me flowless clean fresh like dis

Can’t help but hate just look at dis got my diamonds on my wrist

Fresh kicks on my feet white as clean can’t get like me

Bring… yep we need dat…

(Lil wayne)

Welcome… too da life of a rap star

Fucking up dat little whore… yo

Stop rob a store the thicker da bitchez

Da bigger da brick is


Niggaz on some real shit but(change gon come)

And wen it do u betta get with it

The carter 2 trple exquisite

So bring ya friends

On your next visit

Let’s get it

The livin room

Still gata bunch of youngins in it

Jus waitin on a blunt to hit it

And trill comin with it

And blake probably in the basement on his catastenics

(King arut)

Yo weezy!

(Lil wayne)

Pop it!

(King arut)

Dey think we done!

(King arut)

Make it lick grab da stick knock him out

F*** da b**** make her go where da hoe

I say what’s up mane… suck my (haha)

And tez probably in the office

Bein a math matician

Dats catacorner 2 my bedroom

Lady in it

Who only want weezy baby in it

Yea maybe when I finish gettin dis butta I’ll touch ya

But I can’t love ya I ain’t usher I’m all southern

All brotha

U cud call the authorities

Gat u wonderin how money

Got the law ignorin me


I’m da prince of hip-hop!

Make her sick call a cab

Make sure u (what’s up wit dat)

S*** some s*** I rain money everyday

Make f*** like hay

I’m da prince of hip-hop!

(King arut)

We almost done right?

(Lil wayne)

Yeh son!

(King arut)

Take us out weezy!

(Lil wayne)

(Yeahh)… doin a buck in the latest drop

I got stopped by a lady cop

Ha ha… she got me thinking I can date a cop

Ha ha… cause her uniform pants are so tight

She read me my rights

She put me in nah car, she cut off all the lights

She said I had the right to remain silent

Now I got her hollering sounding like a siren

Talkin’ bout…

Wee ooh wee

I fucked her up it had a script told "lets get by dis shit"

Take her down make her ******

I’m da prince of hip-hop!

Called her up… I’m done!

(King arut)

I’m da prince of hip-hop!