Lil’ Wayne – My Birthday Lyrics

[Intro – Lil Wayne]

Yeah, it’s on


I got the Streets and the boot with me

Dedication trois

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]

Now let me talk my shit!

Fresh up out the water like a caught fly fish

Weezy F bitch

I can say what I please

Swagger so cold it stay when I leave

I see you little dogs just shaking out fleas

I kill dogs like I’m making chinese food

Rude only when I gotta be

Sometimes I gotta tell myself not to bother me

"Tell Lil Wayne not to bother Weez!"

Shawty won’t be on my team, she could cheerlead…

Shit, I go, Wayne go, Ice on a white T

I make a snow angel

Y’all niggas squares, but aint got no angle

My shit’s so tight you can get strangled

It’s Young Money aint no such thing as plain clothes

Polo jammers, Louis slippers, call that "private plane clothes"

I’m taking off, going to another land

Call home, missus never going to another man

Shawty knows Weezy, muthafucka, I’m a lover man

Yeah talk that shit Tune! I gotta wipe my diamond Grill with a tissue

I talk too much shit

I eat p-ssy and you suck dick

[Kidd Kidd]

They call me "Lil Nut" but my nuts aren’t the same

No homo, that’s how I came in the game

I married Mary Jane, I seen the Spidermane

The shit that made Pinky blow

Out the Brain brain

Told Lois Lane I can’t be a Super Mane

My whole? is back mane and I keep that iron-mane

Any woman yellow flag me, throw me out the game

I’m back at the halftime like it’s just an ankle sprain

Ain’t no one could do it better

More hits than Eddie Guerrerra

The flow like Eddie Monster praying at the competitors

It’s mass hysteria, historic in your area 51 alien

What planet is he from

Huh? Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun

Picture Buzz with the shotgun?

All my thugs get dirty like we running in the mud

We 7:30 livewires

Unplug off the chain, utterly untame

Put the gun to your frame, bitch a bloodstain

Hard to come out, like a nut-stain

I came from nothing, night, fucking calling hoes

And flying planes, who the fuck could complain?


[Gudda Gudda]

So you mad cause I’m styling on you?

Lights off, mask on, creepy silent on you

Get violent on you, you a sissy like Sisqo

Gudda, I’m the East gang schizo

It’s no coincidence, man, I bet your bitch know

How I knock her down with the Kosher dill pickle

High yellow nigga but my hot dog, like nutskins

Bitches aiming for the pockets? You get nuff skin

Let me get back in it, bitch

I just go head first, you be on that timid shit

Get head first, then I be on my Jimmy shit

Shitting on bitches with that Chris Brown

(Give me shit)

My niggas Streets say "Kill them all!"

Bitch, you know we got guns like the Pentagon

I’m just eating nigga, I’m getting my dinner on

And your bitch licking, getting her lizard on

[Mack Maine]

Talk reckless, I don’t give a muthafuck

I make you do what you is, bitch nigga, duck

I come for you and your kids like nigga what

Niggas with elephantitis ain’t got bigger nuts

Young Money nigga, big dicks, big trucks

I’mma smash a nigga if he try to diss us

Go to court, the case get dissmussed

Cause if we did time, your main bitch would miss us

It’s Mack Maine, ain’t shit to discuss

I get up in a bitch throat like hiccups

I Chris Kringle bullets with niggas for Christmas

Then turn to their female dog like "bitch, what?"

My niggas squeeze triggers like they got arthiritis

My dick big, that’s why I walk like I got tendonitis

I spit nasty on the mic like I got gingivitis

The doc said I got a case of real nigganitis

He ain’t got a vaccine or cure strong enough to fight it

See, I’m a warrior, they compare me to Leonidus

I got a set fee, I ain’t about discussing prices

Cause I ain’t tryna go broke like Hammer or Mike Tyson

Wish you could see my face now

Feel like I’m?

See me in streets, be Street Fighting like Blanka or Bison

Slicing, dicing like we butcher knifeing

Wifing bitches, never, that shit is trifling

Young Money the fucking nicest

Put words together like a fucking hypen

Nigga don’t make us start fucking rifling

Nigga really it go to fucking striking

We got a lot of rappers striking

Standing by the harvest for fruit

Waiting for the fruit to ripen

We run up on niggas and jack them for their stipend

You catch me in Minnesota like I’m a Viking

I’m with every video vixen that you liking

I’m the reason your bitch dyking

Nigga don’t want no beef, look at Kidd Kidd

He like this

How I get like this?

I pop a nigga, break something like Midas

I’m trying to be modest, nigga, I’m honest

Young Money, Young f-cking Money

And this is what I did for my birthday BITCH