Lil’ Wayne – Man I Miss My Dawgs Lyrics

(feat. Reel)

[Lil Wayne talking]


This is the Carter muthafucka, yea

And in my building I must keep it real

[Lil Wayne]

And man I miss the times, we would shine, you would keep on your side

You would teach me how to ride and you would teach me how to pry

Then we get on the line and go over our lines

We were in the same position and that’s when you change position, shit

I never change and I miss ya, and its strange but I never forget ya

Throw that at you and them bitches homie

And I know that aint you wit that dissin on me

That’s why I never replied and never will just let em live phony

If ya ever died I swear to God I got yo kids homie

Whats mine is their I gotta give homie, and yea

We still a army in this bitch homie

Yea Cash Money still the shit homie, shit homie

Whats really real is you feelin me nigga

That Hot Boy shit still in me nigga, word the giggity nigga

And I aint got time to speak the history

I miss you and I know you missin

Gizzle but

[Hook: Reel (Lil Wayne) Repeat X2]

Man I miss my dawgs(yea)

Many nights club poppin(yea)

Many nights we were blowin trees(yea)

Many nights we were hustlin(yea)

Man I miss my dawgs(yea)

Me and you through thick and thin(yea)

Me and you through the very end(yea)

For only you I was in the game(yea)

[Lil Wayne]

And I remember when you came to the click

I had already made my name in the click, but you got famous and shit

I got my solja rag and dangled my shit

I was down to just to hang wit you shit

And I banged to the boogie bang bang wit yo click

And I aint even from the 3(3rd Ward), my hood was angry at me, shit

But I rose to my feet, played the post wit the heat

At them shows while you performed and posed

I was waitin for a nigga to jump, see I was patient but was ready to duck

Cuz you my brother chump

Real Gs never buckle up

But every family aint filled wit gangstas that’s real

And that’s real and I would never turn my back or turn ya down

Even if you turned around muthafucka

But history is history

I miss you and I know you missin me

Juve but


[Repeat X2]

[Lil Wayne]

You was my nigga, my nerd, my joy, my herb

My main muthafuckin man Turk

My other, my partner, I was teacher, he was father

I skilled, he schooled, we chilled, we moved

We thug, we hung, we ate, we slept

We lived, we died, I stayed, you left

Remember how we played to the left

And we stayed out of trouble cuz we stayed to our self

Member Slim and B leavin, hand the ki’s over

Tell me not to go Uptown and we went straight to tha Nolia

While I watched you reunite wit yo soljas

And yo mom and brothers, while I lied to the stunna

Yea those were the times my brother

Now I recognize real and I honor my brother

Yea nigga sub mage my brother, the Sqad’s my brother

The nigga you left behind is my brothers


[Repeat X2]