Lil’ Wayne – Live From 504 Lyrics

Dro fuck wit me!

Live from the 504 it’s mr.crazy flow

Jumping like a bungee no rope

Even in the dungeon i glow

Even if aint sunny i glow

If it aint about money i go

Nowhere im nailed to the flo

Money controls where i go

It is the sail to my boat

And it’s going down it’s going down

Like there’s a whale in the boat

See you can smell that i smoke

And yep i sip that lean

U hit me wit that combination that make my eyes bleed

Ima shark in the water yep i swim wit the big

So i dont have time to deal wit wlilly the squid

L-lilly pad niggas l-look at the monster

Y-you dont want to crash like la la bamba

See it’s me on the interey

And my new drop is very water-melon plum

Just call it fruit punch

Ima old rapper getting new bucks

And all you new rappers your just new lunch.