Lil’ Wayne – Let Us Pray Lyrics

I got em…

Let’s go…

Uhh like I drop staight from heaven, 5 strong words: rest in peace lil Kevin. and this

Ain’t how I was born, but this is how I live, so das how I’ll die, and do not close my

Eyes cause wen u see me in the cascet I’m a look right bacc atcha cause I don trus none

Of ya’ll, fucc every1 of ya’ll, now which one of ya’ll, wanna brawl, and over all I got dat

Pistol underall in my garmet tarmet tourture tragedy catastrophy no battery jus murder

In the coldest tempature n dat mean 1st degree, even deaf mutha fuccas even heard

Of me I ain gon let u mutha fuccas worry me, n tell dat beef Im Burger King, I

Represent dat saints sign I’m so high I can’t paint signs n if she ain’t fine she ain’t mine,

N thank god I’m alive but if he end it all 2day, I have done more than I can say, amen

Let’s pray(let’s pray-juelz) 10 finga(10 fingas) 2getha for, for eva(for eva)

Let’s pray(let’s pray) 2getha, for eva.


Tha lord is my shepord (yhea) ya’ll hatas can’t harm me I walk with his blessins da

Angels be my army, of course there’s a weapon on my waist within arm reach

Das my baby keep it strapped in like a car seat ye though I walk through the valleys

And the shadow of death forgive me lord I had to carry my tech, I touch cash n get

Cheese play with dat cash I bust mags, indeed forgive those who truspass against

Me for they no not what they do untill they history gone memories, lord grant me

The serenaty to accept the things I can not change like what happens wen I get up

With my enemies pay bacc penalties, bang bacc send em these funerals ya niggas

Got to waste more hennase, yhea, they got to pure it on the floor for ya, maybe next

Time they’ll pray a lil more for ya.

Let’s pray(let’s pray) 10 fingas(10 fingas) 2getha for for eva(for eva)let’s pray

2getha for eva(for eva)!