Lil’ Wayne – La La La Lyrics

Uh Huh

Thats Right

Carter 3 Come On

Yea, Yea, Walk With Me, Come Go With Me, Its Lil Weezy Baby Ha Ha


And Im Just Lightin Up My,La [x22]

Yea, Yea, Yea, 1 7, Cash Money, Young Money

[Verse 1:]

Born In New Orleans

Raised In New Orleans

I Will 4 ever Remain Faithful New Orleans

I Thank U New Orleans

Thank U Holygrove

Thats Been My Hood Since A Snotty Nose

I Come Trough The Hood Suicidle Doors

I Use 2 Come Through The Hood On The Handle Bars

Gat In My Draws

Money In My Pocket

Crack In My Jaws

I Hope It Dont Desolve and u Know Im Duckin 5 0 And My Moms

Young And Quick 2 Go Off Like Car Alarms

Now The Youngin Keep His Mind On The Parmesan

Them Other Niggas Aint Eatin Like A Romadon

Spit The Shit That Make Ya Feel It In Yo Cromosomes

Got My The Money Put My Whole Damn Corner On

Young Carter Part 3 on The Corner Store

Eagle Street Keep It Goin Til Homasome


And Im Just Lightin Up My, La [x22]

Can I Kick It

[Verse 2:]

Can I Kick My Story To Yall

My Glory In God

My Faith In My Flow

I Pray That I Go Where No Other Rapper Has

And When You’re Rappin’ As

Vivid As I And Limited As The Sky So I

Study B.I.

I Bang Tupac, I Hum Aaliyah

And Soldier Slim Was A Leader

Who Am I Not To Follow Greatness

I Give These Mc’s Hell Like They All Atheists

Tell Them Hatin’ Niggas One Like They In The Matrix

And Tell The Cops I Can Buy My Own Braclets

I’ma Can Keep The Paper Running Like A Pair Of Aces

Used To Sport The Gucci Bucks Nigga No Laces

Striped Polo, Five Pocket Girbaud

Mama Got A Two Totter I’m Rockin’ Dolo

I Used To Have The Starter Jacket With The Logo

And The Hat, Me Myself Had The No

That’s The Saints Nigga


And Im Just Lightin Up My, La [x22]

Can I Kick It

[Verse 3:]

Its Lil Wayne and Im a Shine n Da Rain

Na Nothing Gets Clear Without Me Signing My Name

Im Just Head Lining Da Game

Wont Quit, Till Im A-Rod and Da Game

They Ridin Da Bench

They Not and Da Game

I Misplaced The Key

To Da Lock and Chain

My Spot Remain

Like A Bleach Stain Or Cranberry

Its Murder She Wrote Like Angela Lanceberry

I Remember Being Small Mane

New Toyz When My Momma Won A Card Game

Got My Gifts Before Christmas

Didnt Have To Wait For Them

I Had A 10 Speeder Scooter And A Skateboard (Hahaa)

and We Moved To The Suburbs

Me and Lil Toya Johnson Was Love Birds Aww Man

and I Swear I Feel Born Again

Im In Da Building Like Da Audience