Lil’ Wayne – Krazy Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Tell me somethin’ I don’t know

I’m flexin’ on ’em like torsos

These niggas slippin’ like bar soap

These niggas listenin’, use Morse code

Boy a nigga sippin’ like hoarse throat

(Clears throat) Excuse me

These niggas talkin’ that beef shit

We’ll check into it like the room cheap

And all we sell is the greatest feelin’ on Earth

They paint me as a villain, I just autograph the artwork

Ain’t got nothing left to prove unless I got to prove it in court

Live fast die young and leave a beautiful corpse, yes Lord

My nigga order like twenty bricks, I said five bricks with four chicks

Ridin’ with these guns that’s carpoolin’, bought extra clips when I dove in

Miss Snow white we snowed in, nigga miss me with that whole shit

Kill all rats, I toast to that, and watch everybody I toast with

Kill everybody you close with, Just don’t stick your nose in

My bullshit cause I close it like a clothespin

The people that I rolls with will leave holes in what you drove in

If anyone in that car live, you tell that nigga I owe him

Yeah, I got my mind right, and my money right, my head on my shoulder

And my eyesight a lil’ blurry but it stand on my corner

And we find out moms address and your head get mailed over

Nigga you make that bed you lay in that bed

Or get that bitch made over



You so cray, Tunechi

You so cray, bitch

I know, I know, I know, I know

I know, I know, I know, I know

I know, I know, I know, I know

They say Tunechi, Tunechi, Tunechi, Tunechi

You so cray, bitch

[Verse 2]

Tell me something I don’t know, I’ll tell you something I do know

Like money guns bitches drugs, niggas call me mucho

Got witches all in my broom closet, got little killers in [?]

We’ll find out your business hours and pop up like [?]

Like danger taste like glucose, my shadow don’t get too close

To that new nigga with my old hoes–kudos

For my niggas on Rikers Island back there playing Uno

Getting swole like popeye for niggas walking around like Bruno

I’m in the bed with a duo, laid up like two points

A.K to your face, not half off like coupons

Too cool for school but I sold cool points to school boys

Tell the cops we don’t name drop that’s like dropping newborns

Nigga you crazy


You so crazy, Tunechi

These hoes made

Nigga tell me somethin’ I don’t know

[Verse 3]

Like where the fuck did my heart go, and show me something I haven’t seen

And tell me what Martin seen, on the same night he had a dream

And take me to where I’ve never been, but not to where I’ll never be

And I ain’t never scared but I’m scared of me, me versus me I need a referee

Need weaponry, especially if the treasury in jeopardy

Fuck deputies big letter B, need equity, need credit cleaned

To trafficking from peddling like everything from amphetamines to medicine

These niggas sweeter than Nectarines and Grenadine


[Verse 4]

Tell me something I don’t know, like what happened to hard coke

You can call me Eddy cause I stay ready, my family call me Eduardo

I’m music to these bitches ears I hit that ass like the wrong note

My bitch bad with corn rows with boots on in farm clothes

You can find me prancing in the finest mansion with the finest dancer with a height advantage

She want cocaine pills and weed, liquor and dick she gotta micro manage

I’m just eating rappers they go nice in salads with some diced up carrots

I just like a challenge, psychopathic I’m psychopathic

Nigga give me credit on my balance


(And I bump my head when I stand up)