Lil’ Wayne – Kobe Bryant Lyrics

[Kobe Bryant]

I wanna be the best.

I wanna be the best that ever played, and thats why I play the game.

And to be the best you have to win.

And thats what drives me.


He’s the best player in the game;

It’s just that simple.

There’s nothing that Kobe Bryant can’t do.

He will defend your best player.

He will shoot from the perimeter.

He will get all in your monk,

He will do whatever it takes,

He is the most complete basketball player in the game today, far none.

He has an assassin’s mentality.

I said this once, I said this when the trade went down,

And I’ll repeat it again.

Who’s starvin more for an NBA world championship more than Kobe Bryant?

There is no one.

This guy is highly motivated.

(What seperates Kobe from the pack?)

More than Kobe Bryant? There is no one.

[Lil Wayne]

Okay K-Kobe doin’ work

2-4 on my shirt

He the greatest on the court

And I’m the greatest on the verse

Goin’ for the 4th ring like it was his 1st

Gotta get the gleam,Do it for Kareem

2-4 so nice my flow is so mean

Catch me at the game sittin next to Goldstien

K-Kobe Bryant nike’s purple gold strings

K-Kobe in the game dunkin on the whole team

Bla-black mamba, attack conquer

Basketball beast, ra-rap monsta

Crossover good or turn-around jumper

Or just drive the lane and dunk on dunkers

You know where its goin, its goin down yo

This is the Lake show, but don’t drown though

I call him King Bryant, now let the crown show

[LeBron:] …definetly, I’m just lost for words. I mean he’s amazing.

Pass me the damn ball, I don’t need a pick at all

And don’t worry bout my shot cause imma get that off

Yeah, I drops 40 on your double team

Then I drop 81 on another team

Yeah, you better guard me with caution

And watch me work em like an option, haha

No such thing as exhaustion,No time for resting

Cause I dont take breaks, I just break records

Ha, and I prefer the ball with 3 seconds

And I bet we gone win it all in 3 seconds

Ya digg, that is a guarentee, apparently

And please tell your defense don’t never man to man with me

Double team, triple team, you defenders tickle me

But, I never let them get to me, literally

Step back and give em a 3, ain’t no defending me

(And one guy certainly envious of the way Bryant’s been playing lately, LeBron James.)

[LeBron:] I’ve been called to say that he’s definetly the best player in our league. To me in my eyes, the best scorer in our, in our, league. And I don’t no if there’s, there’s not another player that can accomplish some of the things that he’s doing.

Never take a day off, catch you at the top of the key and get a J off

Baseline, face time, tongue out like 2-3

Even 2-3 gotta love how I do me

Pra-Practice while you sleep

Practice in my sleep

Straight outta high school, the brackets ain’t for me

I will be jumping over you like I gotta matress at my feet

And all Phil Jackson say is you better be passin it to me

I put the master in the piece

Attack it like a beast

And I am starvin for victory, and that means I’m gone eat

And when they ask you who’s the best then the answer should be me, haha

(-“Who’s the best player in the NBA?”

-“Ohh, say it’s Kobe Bryant.”

-“Really? Why?”

-Cause you never know what your gonna get.)

Call me Mr. Clutch, or Mr. Automatic

I can post them up or Lamar gone get the alley

I’m goin for the ring, I’m goin for the ring

I went to Bejing and came back with the bling

Who they want, they want Kobe

And what he want, he want the trophy

The victory, and the glory

No Shaq, no Robert Horry

Now Kobe break em off, Kobe break em off, yeah

You better be where the Lakers are

Just give him the ball and he takin off, yeah

Or he probably just dishin it to Gasol

Or give it to D.Fish on the wing, yeah

Or just let lil Ariza do his thing, yeah

Cause im great and so is my team, yeah

Do it for Magic, it’s your time baby

I see nothing wrong with doin it 4 times baby

I’m the best yes, and he the best yeah

Don’t worry LeBron, get em next year

Now whats defense to an assassin

Killa instinct, murder the basket

Then steal the ball back, hold it for ransome

It’s more than a game, this is a passion

Been an all-star, been a champion

Free throw line, you hear them chanting

MVP, MVP, Kobe Bryant aka M-V-Me

In knee deep, smashed in knee deep

Whoever he is, he can’t guard me, haha, he can’t guard me

(So there you have it. The over whelming answer was Kobe Bryant.)