Lil’ Wayne – Intro Cd1 Lyrics

Rasta dem king of da jungle

Dreadlocks swing down me back like Repunzel

My bread run sling dem pack in a bundle

We’ll take yo ting sell it back to yo uncle

And we’ll make it rain til ya dances to come true

We’ll make it rain til ya better bring a swim suit

Alone when I came but Im leavin wit dem too

Girls give me brain give me brain like Temple

And him got game game sharp like a pencil

Now if you want vermeils we can crash like a cymbal

Look upon me window Im a new sports coupe

12 horses in da hood sittin on horseshoes

Come from da land dat Jesus walk through

Sacrifice me life man I bleed for me own crew

Dem no wanna rum rum wit me dem no want to

Murder dem and da family dem belong to

Gangsta dem know it run da street like da car do

You can either leave me or dearly depart you

Hip hop is mines now mines what ya gone do

I can jump on any nigga song and make a part two

Play time for me cuz see to me they are cartoons

How come every joint be on point like a harpoon

How come every bar stand strong like a bar stool

How come every line so raw you gone snort to

Murder dem man I murder dem

Fuck a competition man I murder dem

Man I murder dem man I murder dem

Fuck a competition man I murder dem