Lil’ Wayne – In The Booth Lyrics

Drought Boy

Wizzle Fizzle Bizzle n your area

Wen a nigga got money nd he ballin out

Wat dat Boyz worst fear

Fear of tha Drought

Wen tha block run dry nd tha work run out

But do we have fear

We got tha Drought

Tha Drought

Dats wen dem killaz come out

Dats wen tha jackin nd kidnappin you’ll b hearin about

Happenz 2 Pitsburgh stealaz is out

So if u big Willer betta keep dem roethsburgz still in your house

I’m in tha off road H2 wheelin tha south

Jump in front of dat bytch nd c wat I am really about

Nd Naa

I neva been in your house

But my shyt hit so close 2 home

Lyke I’m fukkin your spouse

Nd I myte b fukkin your spouse

Wen u come home she take my dick off her tongue

Nd put my gun in her mouth

I’m out of breathe cause I’m runnin tha south

Nd u niggaz juss runnin out

Runnin your mouth

Make me hundred grand your gang

Put a hundred thousnd on every street

Nd demand your ring MAAAN

Itz a manly game

Dat lil girl done jumped out of your stomache

Nd grown in2 a woman

U lil prickz study a nigga

Nd I ain’t even stuntin u niggaz

They wanna go nd rock my old jewelry

Fukk my Old Bytch

Chyllen with tha hoe she still smellin lyke my dick

U pussy man U smellin lyke a click

I gotta wife at home

Nd still yellin I’m a PIMP

Nd tha copz think I’m sellin every brick

Cause I’m rollin with 20

Nd we got Aaron Neville chipz

Homeboy used 2 run so fast

But he ain’t runnin no more

Cause he done ran in2 cash

I run in2 your bytch

I get manish on dat ass

Wen I finish

She gonna need a bandage 4 her ass

U type of niggaz gone panic with tha gat

My goon squad come nd beat a granny with a bat

So who want em come try em who want em

Die em Hey Real I Rockabye em

Nd da shotz r fire

Nd nobody can save u Private Ryanz

Hold up hold up hold up

I made u

Papa I AM

U betta ease by em cause my glock a lion


I’m at tha top I’m flyin

U lil niggaz can’t stop a giant

Itz lyke u niggaz is on a diet

No weight

Nd I’m Bumpin lyke an 808 Bytch

Strate Away Quick

Fast Break Crossover

Den I Sprayed away shyt

Den I fade away Swish

I made a wave bytch

Dats ryte I’m a beast

Tha comin 2 new orleanz at home

I’m tha east yea

1 7th ward wea I grew up

Ya’ll lil niggaz say alot but u gone do wat


C we gone do us

We gone do us x2

Young Money MothaFUKKAZ

Uh oh uh oh uh oh

ITz da Drought Boy x3

Do me all a favor nd listen 2 me

4 all lil niggaz dissin me

I sed do me all a favor nd listen 2 me

4 all lil niggaz dissin me