Lil’ Wayne – I Hate Love Lyrics

She was the sweetest ever

Whatever happened to forever

She never say never, she rather say whatever

I’d rather stay together and she’d rather chase the devil

Now I’m left to race the rebel

Bartender make it several

Turn up the bass and treble

How ’bout I make it metal

I’m such a fatal fellow

and shes the reason why

Because without the muthafucker I’d die

I’d die, I’d die

So bury me today or tomorrow

Cause I’ve buried myself away

In the sorrow in May

I die before I wake

I pray I’m resurrected for her nightmares sake

But you love me

At least thats what she said

That whole weekend in my bed

But there was a speaker in my head

Saying “seek and you’ll be led”

But instead, instead I loved you

I was weak and mislead

I was deeper than dead

I was sinking in dread now I’m thinking in shreds

So I inked this in red

But she loves me

She loves me not

I hate love

Yeah I hate love

Oh my God

I hate love

I used to tell myself I wouldn’t do this to myself

Until I proved it to myself

And now I’m losing myself

I used to have my shit together but now

You see now, I with whatever

And now, you see, now, you with whoever, forever and ever

And everybody know I aint acting like I’m supposed

I’m attacking my own soul

I’m back in a lone mode

I’m back on that long road

And that road goes forever and ever

I don’t wanna love no more, spare me

You can have my heart its only dead beat

I’m sick of the love songs and the bullshit

When reality bites like a wolf bitch

She’s on top, she wanna kiss

She wont stop, she don’t wanna quit

Then I woke up and I wish I could sleep forever and ever

She loves me

She loves me not

I hate love

Yeah I hate love

Oh my God

I hate love

And I don’t want love, I don’t want love

I don’t wanna love no more

So if you see her you can have her

She’ll be outside my door

So tell a preacher, tell a doctor

I curse the very day you were born

Tell my lawyer to tell a judge that I’m guilty