Lil’ Wayne – I Get Crazy Lyrics

i remember then

back in december, it wuz winter

like ’89

shid i must of been 7 goin on 8

and comin from da kitchen wuz a echo from all dat base

and i aint talkin bout speakas hmm mmm

i saw my daddy in there, i would stare

but i wouldnt touch

but it wasnt because i didnt know enough

shid.i jus knew too much

so i stop bein lazy, and i became creative

and i learned how to create it

? and all dat pots for me?

so come see or come eat

and i hope dat she is having da ride of her life

no red lights inside, jus a bare room wit green lights hmmm mmm

come on now

who did you, where did you, why did you what did you think she was

haahaaa bless ur? hole?

my guns of water help your garden grow… no

yeah i know dat wuz crazy

but i think u are more crazy.yer

than her

cuz she is no daisy

shid she jus pottery

wit no seeds

so she cant eat

my heroes had da broads and da cars wit big ol rims

and i could remember slangin, thinkin

i wanna be like them

ever since i was little, ever since i was little

i lived life numb

it made so much since for me to run

when da 5-0 come

cuz i aint dumb

and dat shid i hated

like early 90s late 80s

i wuz husltin as a baby

u can ask eagle street, about me

ima g

ever since i wuz little eva since i wuz little i tote my gun

cuz it made no sense where i wuz from hmmm

to walk around wit none

shid, nicca u would be crazy

cuz niccas is crazy

and im a 80s baby

u should be proud of me

cuz in dem streets

im hot like da 80s

and my temperatures raisin

im at 100 im blazin

sumbody shower me

please pretty please

you can call me wizzle or u can call me wayne

man eitha one but its weezy baby for your slut

i told her weezy baby, i told her more than once

but she just say baby, she jus calls me baby

she jus screams out baby, when she’s on top of me

and da sheets be stickin like pages

and da bed is so stanky

if she say dat is my baby, shid it is prossibly

not for me