Lil’ Wayne – I Ain’t Nervous Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne]

I Aint nervous

I swear to God I aint Nervous

Naw, naw

And I’m laughin at them pussy niggas

And that pussy shit they doin

Gettin cake like I’m Jewish

My nigga Drake he Jewish

I swear to God I aint nervous, naw

[Hook: Lil Wayne]

Ok, I swear to God I aint nervous

I swear to God I aint nervous

I say I swear to God I aint nervous

I got her workin, twerkin, and slurpin my syrupin

Aint got no problems in this bitch for certain

I see you turning up with your turn up aint workin

Just want some mouth and lip service, yeah

I’m gettin head behind the Maybach curtains

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Ok I’m straight edge, no ricochet

That pussy boneless, that Chick-Fil-A

I fuck with real riders, and they tickets paid

Niggas crying wolf, while I wipe them tears away

I swear my mama trust my work

So I give these hoes that work

They say the best things in life are free

So that’s why it cost for you to get murked

Have my pants saggin like fuck it

I’m still on my business, spent my birthday in jail

I was making bad decisions, saw my enemy at the light

I told Marley light the weed,

Then I lit them niggas up before that motherfucker turn green

Your bitch ride my like a go kart

I pay that pussy like Mozart,

I mozart these hoes hearts and then after that they worseless


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]

I like em long hair and curvy

If niggas think it’s a game I leave their brains on their jerseys

She said she love me, that’s the molly talkin

Her pussy so wet, it keep sliding off it

She got a nigga, but he aint me bitch

I’m the original gangsta, he the remix

Girl do you use that same mouth to kiss your mama?

I say only God can judge me, fuck your honor

Yeah, her birthday suit is her pajamas

She said I didn’t know your dick was a recliner

I punch her man in his eye give him a shiner

I blind him

Him and whoever co-signed him

I get Adam like Yolanda

Young Money Cash Money Obama

It’s fuck the world no condom

If he twisted, I’ll unwind him

And this pistol came with a silence,

But I swear to God he heard it


[Verse 3: Boo]

On that Pat Ryan I’m swervin

Game tight like virgins

Got a bad bitch she Persian,

Call her AK when she squirtin

You see the niggas I’m with,

That boy Boo the shit

As long as I got a face, your bitch got a place to sit

Yeah I’m wildin’ off them shroomies,

Aint got no worries like Tunechi

All my chicks be boosie

Wanna hold hands, then watch movies

I be like God damn, make a nigga lose it

Aint no talkin, lets get to it

Real niggas winnin, fake niggas losin

Bitch I leave that pussy with bruises