Lil’ Wayne – Hoes And Ladies Lyrics

(with T-Pain

feat. Smoke from Field Mob)

[T-Pain & Smoke – Chorus]

And you if give a fuck that your friends stuck up

and she don’t wanna mess up her hair

and if you wanna fuck, like I wanna fuck

put your muthafucking hands in the air

I’m on 5 hour energy, Nuvo and Hennessy

so what you wanna do little baby

Now all my ladies in the house say hoe

And all my hoes in the house say lady

I’m so considerate

I never quit a bitch, noooo

no matter how many niggas hit

or how many dick she licked

I please that clitoris

I give her a kiss and shit

when other niggas don’t stay long enough they

get the digits and split

if ain’t nobody telling you that you are pretty

that’s just because you are and they do not want to admit it

look at all that ass, you ain’t got to have titties

at least you part of the itty bitty committee really?

you gon let em style on you

or you can let em talk

hop up in this Lamborghini baby go on let em walk

stop hanging round them stupid bitches you’d be better off

them hoes dirty birds, Atlanta Hawks

go on wear them granny draws

matter of fact go put that dress on and don’t wear any draws and come sit on Santa Claus

we can take some pictures with the islands in the back drop

we can go to PC but you’ll still be my laptop


[Lil Wayne]

Kiss her on the thigh make her pussy hole cry

they say numbers don’t lie, lets try 69

kiss her on her lips let her pussy hole drip

she cant even walk to the bathroom she gotta skip

kiss her on her cheek, make her pussy lips speak

no she pulling on my locks, kiss thou Sheek, ha

kiss her on her breasts, east and west

and then I go south

and clean up my mess

no stop signs, no red lights

she put on a show, no stage fright

and then I fuck her right

and she say fucking right

she climb on top that mountain

and ride that mountain bike

she keep it nice and wet like Armour All

she keep a close shave like Barber Saul

but all in all she’s just Weezy baby

[Chorus x2]