Lil’ Wayne – Get That Dough Lyrics

Biotch, Biotch

(Get that dough)

Look wipe a bitch down, let’s dribble on a hoe, C’mon

(Get that dough)

Let’s pop a few bottles, smoke a lil dro

(Get that dough)

Look wipe a bitch down, let’s dribble on a hoe, Wooo

(Get that dough)

Let’s pop a few bottles, smoke a lil dro

I pull up slow, chrome flashin

lil daddy in a long Cabbi

Big hat pimp strong daddy

Got my hoes on my arm daddy

Ain’t that amazing, specially when I’m blazin that dro

earthly green, purple weed, purple V,

with purple seats, murck the streets

And I see ya in that Gucci skirt ya sweet

But later on I wanna hurt ya so holla back hoe

I know ya will, get ya ass over here

And take off my polar bear

I’m the coldest player of most my age

Quote my age, 19 but my money’s much old

And shorty got crazy paper

Cash Money’s my army, my navy paper

Understand, Weezy is made of paper

I got “Baby” paper

Floss our bitch, or get tossed out

Stunna time criss-crossed out

Birdman the bad bitches bossed out

So fly nigga we dont walk out

Time to get Nina Rossed out

I’ma let the heat speak, see I’m talked out

What’s the muthafuckin talk bout

Get you niggaz chalked out

Chi-town and Birdman show you what that fuckin hawk bout

You can shine like stunna (Papi it’s all gravy)

I bought the Rover for me and bought the Benz for my ladies

See I, wipe ya down, I shine ya up

And put the rims on the whip then diamonded up

It’s the m-uh-m-uh-man, that I hustle for grams

Me, Ta’, and Cris’ with a blunt in my hand

See I come through shinin, known big tymin

Red Caddi truck, nigga I’m grindin

I come Harley D, black bike all chrome

Your queen is home, daddy tell ’em where they went from

See I’ma slide on through, then I stash the loot

Who washed the coupe, ma look I know what to do

Got the suit you to wear some pumps on

matchin the car, matchin my bra, shit nigga pimpin is hard

I jock that, so wipe a nigga down

Let’s dribble on a hoe, bitch time to go

The Caddi do me pop, the coupe is hot

the groupies flock, and case me out my Gucci socks

Yeah, we get that dough, Tatee’ watch me drop these

You got me, can I get the car keys

See I wipe a bitch down, then dribble on a hoe

And I touch her from her head, from her waist, to her toes

Pop up in the Lexus with the mink on the floor

Rocked out Nexus 2K bird hoe, Wooo!