Lil’ Wayne – Get Real Gangsta Lyrics

(Boo gotta blunt in his ear)

The clock is tickin

The cops is sittin waitin on me to pop the ribbon so I can get locked in prison

But I forgive em

They don’t know I got the bishop

Givin me a future face they cannot prevent it

Skys the limit, I travel but I tries to pivot

Look in my eyes and combine the spirits

Time’ll end it

If it’s not a coupla g’s it’s dimes and pennies

If I don’t break a knuckle or knee, my shine is finished

I’m climbin in it but I could fall down the chimney

A hound is in me so don’t come around or near me

You clowns is really f**kin up

Ya bound to get it

I sit a barrel on ya tongue so round and pretty

Fought my ticket now I’m a skip town and kick it

Dress code just some khaki brown lil Dickies

Got them pounds and chickens stuffed and coffee grounds in visions nigga

It don’t get no gangsta than this

F**kin with them gangstas I guarantee

Sh*t goin get real gangsta my nigga

And you goin back down and get yo back down

Yea, fresh off the block that’s Apple and Eagle St.

I go through there every week even if it’s just to speak (what up?)

I don’t see Red so I keep goin

He’s probably with Rodney, or probably with (roney, roland?)

I go by trill rill cause he be up in the mornin

See that’s that penitentiary sh*t and he been out for a minute

But I’m up!

Birdman keep askin me to stick 22’s on the Rolls and I keep tellin him no but

If he keep playin then I’m a have to show him

And come through this b*tch on 24’s

Like what up!? !

These hoes keep askin me to marry em knowin that my ex wife’ll bury em so b*tch shut up!

I’m blowin on that berry like marian

You knowin what the f**k a nigga carryin

Get bald head like a Aryan

I think a nigga bout to buy a Marriot

Now all my hoes put up

Check lights off masks on creep silent

Move light walk step talk squeak holla (I hear em)

Pull a tool sweet like peach cobbler

Shoot twice don’t check let them people find em

I’m the screw face to this rap game

Weezy put me on new face with the same name

Oh yes I did get em kid if I ask ya

Just bring me the bastard with his head unfastened

Faster than a panther goes the lead from the clapper

Round up ya boys get this round of applause

They say I’m two face look nigga I ain’t changed

Cause if I feel played I’m a let the iron rain (riiing)

Ring bang bang with my gang man know how to sling ‘caine

Whoa I can maintain

Bang bang cross my chest

Bang bang you cross ya chest, toss ya chest in the mess with the rest bam