Lil’ Wayne – Family Feud Lyrics

[Intro: Drake]

Yeah, Dedication 6, of course

Shout out Guru for sendin’ me the beat, too

Young Angel, Young Lion

More Life, no dyin’

Yeah, alright, I got it, yeah

[Verse 1: Drake]

Super Bowl goals, I’m at the crib with Puff

He got Kaepernick on the phone, he in a whole different mode

Angel hair at 2AM for Bey and Hov

Just to show them how I treat the city like my humble abode

Ayy, tell me if TD Bank is approvin’ loans

I’m thinkin’ of payin’ Wayne what Universal owes

My nigga spent a lifetime goin’ platinum and gold

He should own half of the label, sh*t outta control

Somebody get Larry Jackson on the phone

I need some ownership if we pressin’ go

‘Cause business is boomin’ on behalf of me

I need a bite outta the Apple like Adam and Eve

We gon’ have to break the billi’ curse

I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse

Or too long like a sentence from a Philly judge

f**k is the point in all the beefin’ when we really blood?

Nobody wins when the family feuds, nigga

Everybody gotta eat, we can’t exclude niggas

I make the crib, expandin’ pools, and expandin’ rooms

Addin’ Hammam Spas with tannin’ booths, nigga

That’s truth, no boost, nigga

But this isn’t all about callin’ truce

I’m still dishin’ out verbal abuse

That sh*t could get re-introduced

If somebody got somethin’ they urgin’ to prove, nigga

Inspirin’ to the youth

New Years Eve, lookin’ like a royal flush

Wait, we all in the same suit

I’m Hall of Fame in the booth, nigga

My karma makin’ the news, nigga

This pudding taste like the proof, nigga

If I ever see Trump, he better salute niggas

Much as we do, nigga (for real)

[Interlude: Lil Wayne]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Six sh*t

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]

I could care less ’bout your squad

I don’t connect when I’m flyin’

I’m on a jet and it’s mine

I just hope the weather is fine

I took the jet to Dubai

I took the jet to Milan

I took the jet way to Africa, shout out my nigga Akon

Your bitch sweatin’ my squad

Please get the sweat out her eye

I put the dick in her spine

I f*cked the bitch in her prime

Don’t get my credit declined

Give all the credit to Moms

I flipped the bird at the Bird; hey, what’s for dinner? Popeyes

These chickens got bird flu

And they chirp, chirp too

Always sung, never flew

These boys hot girls too

If money grow on trees, I climb and rest in that bitch

Build a treehouse and knock the bird nest out that bitch

Stuck my neck out and sh*t

Then got the heck out that sh*t

And when I did, I took the special effect out of that sh*t

Tunechi F ’round this bitch

The best thing left ’round this bitch

All you niggas some bitches, I feel like Hef ’round this bitch

You call her Stephanie, I call her Steph ’round this bitch

Now back to whippin’ the baby on some step mama sh*t

I come direct with my sh*t

I come correct with my sh*t

A blank check on your face, put some respect on my sh*t

Branches startin’ to shake

Here comes the leaves, get the rake

I want my piece of the cake

It should be sweeter than cake

Here come the leaves, get the rake

And we ain’t leavin’ the rake

We made the cleanest escape

Although I bleeped in your face

You playin’ with the right one today

Your flag is a white one today

You wearin’ them tight ones today

Check me a right one today

You playin’ with fire today

The Angel and Lion are greats

Oh my God, lightning strikin’ twice in this place

Should we make a wish or should we make it right in this place?

All this motherf*ckin’ beef, I need some rice on this plate

Talked to your wifey today

She feelin’ triflin’ she say

Talked to the sniper, he say

He aimin’ at diapers today

Pick you off like pickin’ peppers, Peter Piper today

So tell your squad I say “BLAOW” like Spice 1 would say

It’s Mortal Kombat tonight, it’s Street Fighter today

I’m Major Bison, Drizzy lit like Raiden light up the place

You see blue face hundreds ’til you white in the face

Oh my God, it feel like I done life in this place

But swear to God, I got money doin’ life in my safe

Put on the gloves like MJ, go from OG to OJ

I make you pay attention then rip your receipt in your face

This for Cita and Nae

This for my people and bae

I got three sons of a gun, them niggas keep me on safe

Hol’ up, I am the black god to the church

I am the fat boy to dessert

I am the landlord to the first

Got two bangers, one of them go “bada boom”

One of them go “bada bing”

I taught these hoes how to love, I taught these boys how to lean

I’m high in the sky and I twinkle

The eyes don’t lie ’til you blink ’em

Keep the iron for the wrinkles

The mansion came with the sprinklers

I want Arabian wealth

You snakes come make me a belt

Yeah, you know life is a movie, you niggas playin’ yourselves

[Outro: Lil Wayne]

Damn, that’s some six sh*t

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want Arabian wealth

You snakes come make me a belt

It’s every man for themselves, since every baby for self

And you know life is a movie, you niggas ratin’ yourself

I just hope it’s a porn to watch you pussies play with yourself

That’s some six sh*t